Start any Temple undergraduate program that interests you at the Ambler Campus. At Ambler, you can also complete the following degree programs and certificates entirely on campus.

Bachelor's Degree Programs

Complete the following Fox School of Business and Management programs at Ambler:

Fox School of Business and Management Requirements

Complete the following College of Education program at Ambler:

College of Education Requirements

Complete the following College of Liberal Arts programs at Ambler:

College of Liberal Arts Requirements

Tyler School of Art (Division of Architecture and Environmental Design)


Pre-Professional Programs

Many of the prerequisite classes for pre-health and pre-professional programs/majors, including law, are available at Ambler.

Undergraduate Certificate Programs

Most Undergraduate certificate programs are open to all current undergraduate degree students in any major. They are also available to those with previous degree (or no degree) as a non-degree-seeking students.

Additional Resources

Search the Temple University Schedule of Courses to learn about all Temple offerings.

See the Degree Program Chart for a listing of the programs that can be completed at Temple.

View the Day and Evening Programs at Temple University Ambler listing to determine what is most convenient for you.