Parking - Schools

In order to make EarthFest as enjoyable as possible, we would like to provide you with the necessary information for travel and parking ahead of time. Please read the following tips and share them with the other teachers/chaperones on your bus.

Please note: There are often other large events taking place in the region around the time of EarthFest. If you use an outside bus company for your travel needs, make your arrangements early!

What to do prior to the day of EarthFest

Because of the volume of buses on our parking lot the day of EarthFest, and since most school buses look nearly identical, there may be some difficulties in locating your bus when you are ready to take the children back to their school. To make your bus easier to identify, we suggest making two signs with the name of your school to post on the back window and side of your bus. Decorate them in any way you like — make it a classroom project with an environmental theme!

What to do before the bus leaves your school

  • We unfortunately do not have the means to contact the bus drivers ahead of time. We ask that you provide the information under “Bus Drivers” the Parking information section to the driver so that he/she may read it over before you depart.

  • Double check with the bus driver as to what time you need to bring the children back to the bus.

  • Go over with the children what they should do if they get separated or lost at EarthFest (have them go to one of the Information Tables marked on the event map). We suggest that you also provide them with a CONTACT TELEPHONE NUMBER so that we can reach you if students become separated from their groups.

  • Make sure you post your signs on the bus. Tape one sign on the window near the main door. Tape the second on the emergency door in the rear, towards the bottom of the door so it is not blocking the driver’s view. Please ask the bus driver for permission to tape the signs inside the bus.

  • Ask the bus driver if the school bus is going to be staying on our lot for the day or if the bus is dropping your group off and coming back to pick you up. This is a very important detail that needs to be decided before you leave your school.

  • Make sure the bus driver knows the only entrance/exit for EarthFest will be from Butler Pike.

What to do when your bus arrives at EarthFest

If your bus is dropping off the children, leaving, and returning later in the day:

The bus must enter the parking lot and drop you off alongside the recreation field. There should be no drop-off’s along Meetinghouse Road. Please remind your students to stay calm (no pushing, shoving, or running) when getting off the bus and when getting back on the bus. When the bus comes back to pick up your group, with approximately 40 buses picking up students around the same time, the buses may be lined up side by side and backed into the parking spot instead of lined up one behind the other along the grass. For this reason, please make sure you are able to identify your bus from the school’s sign placed in the back of the bus.

If your bus is staying on our lot for the day:

  • Your bus is going to pull into the parking spot first. Once the bus is parked in the spot where it will stay for the day, you will be able to escort the children off the bus.    

  • If your bus is parked facing the ball fields, escort the children off the bus and walk forward to the gravel sidewalk, which will lead you to EarthFest. We will have staff on hand to make sure you lead the children in the correct direction.

  • If your bus is parked facing the parking lot, escort the children off the bus and towards the rear of the bus, across and between the other parked buses, and continue on until you reach the gravel sidewalk, which will lead you to EarthFest. We will have staff on hand to make sure you lead the children in the correct direction.

  • At the end of the day when you are ready to leave, please stay on the grass until you have all of your children accounted for. Then escort your children to your bus. This time you will approach the bus from the rear. Please make sure your children load the bus in a single line, staying away from the front of the buses. Once the bus driver has confirmed everyone on the bus is accounted for, the bus will then pull out and head back to your school.

Safety Note: We do not want anyone by the ball field located next to where the buses park for the day. The reason is simply a safety issue. Since the ball field is located next to the area where the buses pull out, we don’t want the children accidently stepping in this area. For the safety of the children, we ask that you stay away from the ball field.