Parking - Students, Faculty and Staff

An attendance of 5,500 is expected at EarthFest. Due to increased levels of pedestrian and vehicular traffic, temporary changes to parking at Temple University Ambler will be in effect during EarthFest. 

Changes Include:

  • The Meetinghouse Road entrance leading to the student parking lot (lot #3) will be closed to ALL traffic entering Lot #3.

  • ALL vehicles entering and exiting the student parking lot (lot #3) will be required to do so by way of Butler Pike.

  • The entirety of the event will be held on the field near the student parking lot this year. Buses will be entering the parking lot via the Butler Pike entrance.

  • The Learning Center parking lot (lot #2) will be available to faculty and staff for parking.

  • Students who wish to take the intercampus bus between Ambler Campus and Main Campus on the day of EarthFest should board the bus at the Learning Center parking lot stop. The bus will not stop in the student parking lot on April 28.

  • Exhibitors will be parking for the day in the small lot (lot #1) off Meetinghouse Road. Faculty and staff that commonly park in the lot #1 are asked to please park in lot #2 near the Learning Center.

  • A section of the student lot (lot #3) will be reserved for school buses.

  • The heaviest volume of traffic will occur between the hours of 8:30 and 10:00 a.m. and Noon to 2:00 p.m., when the largest number of school children will be arriving or leaving the campus. 

  • Please allow extra time to arrive at your classes and/or offices. Depending upon what time you arrive in the parking lot, parking spaces may be scarce and it may take longer to find one.

  • Please drive slowly when entering and leaving the campus, due to the number of people and children that will be here. Volunteers will be on site 7:30 to 9:00 a.m. to help direct you (and a few volunteers will remain along Meetinghouse Road throughout the day).

Again, we ask that faculty and staff who normally park in the faculty/staff/visitors lot across from the Administration Building to please park in the lot next to the Learning Center on Friday, April 20. Your assistance in accommodating our exhibitors and guests on this day will be invaluable and certainly appreciated.

Please note: All handicapped parking on campus will available on the day of EarthFest.

For questions about changes to parking during EarthFest, contact Jim Duffy at 267-468-8108.