Tips for Attending EarthFest

There is a lot to see and do at EarthFest. Here are a few handy tips to plan your day!

  • EarthFest exhibitors are all located on the large field near where your buses will park on Meetinghouse Road.

  • Join the EarthFest conversation on social media when you use #EarthFestTUA.


  • Please note: The Meetinghouse Road entrance into the large parking lot at Temple Ambler will be closed the day of EarthFest. Access into and out of the large parking lot will be by Woods Drive (the Butler Pike entrance/exit) only. Let your bus drivers know!

  • Often other large events will be taking place in the region around the same time as EarthFest. If you need an outside bus vendor, make your arrangements early!

  • Post a sign with your school name on the back of your bus and on the side by the main door of the bus. This will help your students find your bus at the end of the day.

  • Make sure your students know what time your bus will be leaving and plan accordingly. Have your students ready at the bus pick-up area.

Preparation Before Arriving

  • Please let your students know that should they become lost or separated from your group that they should go to one of the INFORMATION booths indicated on the EarthFest event map. We suggest that you also provide them with a CONTACT TELEPHONE NUMBER so that we can reach you if students become separated from their groups.

  • You may wish to have your class wear gym uniforms or the same color t-shirt. Have your students travel with “buddies” to ensure everyone returns to their bus at the proper time.

  • There will be food and beverages for sale. However, with the number of visitors that attend EarthFest, we recommend that your students BRING THEIR LUNCHES for your convenience. You may wish to put all bagged lunches in a box and mark the outside of the box with your school’s name and grade. All lunches can be stored on designated tables in the Food Tent near the bus drop-off and pick-up area. There are plenty of locations for picnics on campus!

  • Food will be available for sale. Please let your students know that they will have opportunities to purchase items at the event.

  • Have students bring a backpack! Please help us make EarthFest as green as possible. Many exhibitors have important information that students can take with them and share with their parents and fellow students. Bring along a backpack to store all of your EarthFest materials!

  • Don’t forget, EarthFest is a rain or shine event, so plan and dress appropriately!

When you arrive

  • The EarthFest Main Stage is located not far from where you will park. Don’t miss out on our great showcase programs, which begin promptly at 10 a.m.!

  • The EarthFest Showcase events for 2018 include the Center for Aquatic Sciences at Adventure Aquarium, Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia Insectarium and Butterfly Pavilion, Franklin Institute, Elmwood Park Zoo, Barn Nature Center, FEMA, EPA, Temple University Abler Aquaponics, the Ambler Arboretum of Tempe University and more. That's in addition to our more than 85 exhibitors! See the Showcase Schedule for more information!

  • Please remind children that Temple students will be attending classes that day. Children should remain with their chaperones at all times and not wander across the street onto campus. EarthFest visitors are NOT permitted inside the classroom buildings.

  • Visitors are not permitted in the wooded areas near the EarthFest event fields.

  • There will be trash and recycling receptacles located throughout the event. Please think environmentally and keep our campus clean! Make sure your students throw away any trash in the proper containers.

  • Please remember that all exhibitors and visitors share one location at EarthFest. We strongly recommend that students not bring footballs, frisbees, etc. to EarthFest. This is to prevent injury and to focus on the educational aspects of the event.