Heather Earlin: Making Sense of the World to Help Others

Heather Earlin: Making Sense of the World to Help Others

Newly minted Temple Ambler Owl Heather Earlin has a specific motivation for pursuing her degree in Psychology.

“When I look at things from a psychological standpoint, the world makes much more sense to me,” she said. “I can analyze why people do what they do and why they say certain things or chose to approach situations the way they do. It gives me a better understanding of the world around me.”

A recent transfer student from Montgomery County Community College, Earlin initially started her college career with the idea of becoming a nurse, another avenue that would have allowed her to help others.

“I soon realized that it wasn’t for me. I wasn’t initially sure if psychology was the right step — in a high school psychology course I did okay, but not great,” said Earlin, 22, who transferred to Temple University Ambler at the beginning of the fall 2019 semester. “Then I tried another psychology class in college and I did really well. My professor made the topic so exciting and so accessible that I wanted to keep going; I wanted to know more. I knew it was the right choice when I transferred to Temple.”

The transfer process, Earlin said, “was very straightforward and easy to follow.”

“You could truly do all the steps yourself, but there was also always someone there along the way to help with the process if you needed it. Academically, my new courses at Temple are challenging me and I like that — it gets me thinking more and studying more,” she said. “It’s requiring me to step up to the challenge and that was exactly what I was looking for.”

Temple, Earlin said, offers a great deal of freedom in how she approaches her classes “and, I think, a lot of flexibility in the way professors are able to teach.”

“My favorite class, so far, had been Applied Behavioral Analysis. The first day of class the teacher told us ‘here is everything you will be learning,’ here is what we’ll be focusing on and why it is important,” she said. “The faculty at Temple Ambler have all been very nice and very understanding. They are dedicated to the topics they are teaching and they want you to succeed.”

As she continues to navigate her new university, Earlin said she plans to get involved on campus and has already established an excellent circle of friends.

“You’re going to have a hoot of a time at Temple!” she laughed. “Truly, I’ve never regretted transferring. Ambler Campus is a convenient location and the tuition is affordable. From careers to advising to disability support, there is someone here to help with whatever you need.”

Her advice to other students interested in transferring?

“Don’t be afraid of the process. Just follow the steps, fill out the application, get your transcripts in,” she said. “And definitely go to Orientation and to Convocation. Not only is it fun, it’s a great way to get to know Temple and to make connections with people who are going through the same process.”