Temple Ambler In Bloom Supports Ambler Arboretum

Ludwig Business Consultants, PLLC very generously provided sponsorship for Temple Ambler in Bloom.

Ludwig Business Consultants, PLLC very generously provided sponsorship for Temple Ambler in Bloom.

Ambler Campus - Temple Ambler in Bloom 2018 – September 2018

Every person, every place, is a collection of stories.

With well over 100 years of history, the Ambler Arboretum and Temple Ambler have a vast, intricate and diverse story to share.

An institution of higher education for women when such opportunities were all but unheard of. An essential campus of Temple University. A living laboratory for students and faculty. A place of diverse habitats and ecosystems. A place for unique hands-on education and research experiences. A place where tens of thousands of students have gone on to careers that positively impact the world around them. And Temple Ambler’s tale is still unfolding!

About 135 people joined the Ambler Arboretum and Temple Ambler in celebrating the many aspects that make up their story during Temple Ambler In Bloom 2018.

“I think In Bloom this year was a tremendous success. It’s exciting to see this wide range of people — alumni, faculty, staff, residents, families, university administrators — joining us in supporting a common goal,” said Kathy Salisbury, Director of the Ambler Arboretum of Temple University. “The success of Temple Ambler and the Ambler Arboretum is dependent on the support of our university community and our valued friends! That was certainly evident by everyone who attended In Bloom; we’re very grateful for that continued dedication and for coming along with us as we tell our story!” 

Thanks to the generosity of Temple Ambler in Bloom supporters, sponsors and participants in the popular live and silent auctions, $31,500 was raised for the Ambler Arboretum! Proceeds from Temple Ambler in Bloom 2018 will go to help tell the story of the Ambler Arboretum's past, present and future through educational and directional signage and technology being developed by KieranTimberlake.

“I hope our visitors had the opportunity to truly enjoy the beauty of this place, meet new people with similar interests and learn something new about the campus and its gardens. I hope they leave knowing that we will be good stewards of their support,” said Salisbury. “I also hope that while they were here they were able to take the time to share their own unique Temple Ambler and Ambler Arboretum stories. If they couldn’t at In Bloom, we hope they will do so in the near future through podcasts and video — this is campus history that is vital to collect and preserve!”

In addition to celebrating the story of the campus and its gardens, Temple Ambler in Bloom 2018 also honored alumnus Mary Anne Fry (’58) who has been part of Temple Ambler’s history for more than half a century. More than 20 members of her family came to In Bloom to share the moment with her! 

The wonderful thing about the programs at Temple Ambler, said Fry, was that “everything was hands-on — you had to go out and actually do it.”

“You were never just in the classroom. One of the greatest benefits was being out in the gardens, out in the fields, out in the barn actually doing what you were learning about,” she said. “That’s something that I think continues to this day. Learning by doing remains at the core of what Temple Ambler is all about.”

This is an exciting time for Temple Ambler and the Ambler Arboretum, according to Dr. Vicki Lewis McGarvey, Vice Provost for University College and Executive Director of Temple University Ambler.

“Today, research is taking place right here on campus that could happen nowhere else at Temple,” she said. “We’re also continuing to develop our infrastructure to host more events on campus.”

Earlier this year, Temple’s Board of Trustees and President Richard Englert directed Provost JoAnne Epps to examine a variety of potential research partnerships and other types of coordinated efforts with departments within the University and outside organizations that would be of great benefit to students, faculty and Temple alumni in addition to the community as a whole, McGarvey said.

“While we work to turn some of these possibilities into reality, I can definitely say these potential partnerships would truly take Temple Ambler into new, innovative and exciting areas,” she said. “Our story is always changing and evolving. I, for one, can’t wait to see where the next chapter takes us!”

The Temple Ambler In Bloom Committee for 2018 was Phil Albright, Wendy Brister, Mary Claghorn, Josh Meyer, Kelli Mulligan, Kim Pennente, and Mari Radford.

In Bloom event sponsors included:

Sycamore Level:

Barbara and Phil Albright

Cedar Level:

Schiel Family Foundation

Southwest Belmont Community Association

Ludwig Business Consultants, PLLC

Oak Level:

Mary Scott and Frederic S. Claghorn

Mary Anne Fry

Klein College of Media and Communication

New Moon Nursery

Maple Level:

Dr. Vicki McGarvey

Parkland Nurseries

Friend Level:

JoAnne Epps

Dee Hillas

Dr. James and Kathleen Hilty

Wesley J. Wolf and Catherine T. Hunt

Pauline Hurley-Kurtz

Koller and Associates

In Memory of Lilian Lubin Krelove (’41)

William E. & Rebecca H. Mifflin

Mari Radford and Eric Lindhult

Fritz Schroeder

Jody Sprague

Numerous in-kind donations were also made to Temple Ambler in Bloom by the following organizations: The Academy of Natural Sciences, Act II Playhouse, Ambler Area YMCA, Ambler Flowers, Awbury Arboretum, Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve, Bridget’s Steakhouse, Broad Axe Tavern, Buttonwood Blooms, Cantina Feliz, Chanticleer, Stephanie Cohen, Colibraro’s Nursery, Deck’s Hardware, From the Boot, George’s Market at Dreshertown, Giant Grocery Store, Great Barn Brewery, Harmony Hill Nursery, Liacouras Center, Longwood Gardens, Morris Arboretum, Philadelphia Society of Botanical Illustrators, Pinelands Nursery, Polites Florist, Primex Garden Center, SiteOne, Strasburg Railroad Company, Tyler Arboretum and Wyck.

The mission of the Ambler Arboretum is to serve as a living, learning laboratory that promotes love and knowledge of horticulture, understanding of the relationship between people and the environment, and an awareness of both the need for and means to achieve greater environmental responsibility. For more information about the Ambler Arboretum, visit ambler.temple.edu/arboretum.

For more information on how to support the Arboretum and Ambler Campus, contact Angela Davis at angela.davis@temple.edu or 267-530-2933. To share your Temple Ambler stories, contact Kathy Salisbury at kathleen.salisbury@temple.edu or 267-468-8400.