New Freshmen

Once admitted to Temple, your journey will begin in the summer at New Student Orientation. You will take placement tests to determine your Math, English, and Foreign Language placement. These scores will help determine what classes you will register for in the Fall semester. If you begin in the Spring semester, your orientation will be abbreviated.

At the Orientation, you will attend an Academic Preview of your college and major requirements. The New Student Orientation also includes a variety of fun activities to introduce you to the many opportunities you are provided as a Temple student! You will have the opportunity to meet with both an Academic Advisor and a Peer Advisor to choose classes from the General Education Curriculum, build a schedule, and learn about the requirements for your degree. There are many opportunities for first year students to explore; taking a Freshman Seminar is just one of the ideas we can suggest!

If you are undecided about a major, no problem! You will be guided to take general classes from the General Education Curriculum while you research your options.

You will make an appointment to meet with your Academic Advisor in October or November to plan your Spring semester. After that, as long as you remain in good standing, you can generally register on your own through Self Service Banner at TUPortal.

You are always welcome to speak with your advisor about concerns, questions, scheduling issues or revisions, semester planning or just to get some feedback. You may have questions about policies and procedures, study abroad, internships and career options, changing your major…just ask!

If you find yourself struggling, please speak with your advisor as soon as possible so that we can point you in the best direction which could include tutoring or counseling. If you are considering withdrawing from a class, this must be done with an advisor and it must be completed by the published deadline.