Principal Certification

Temple's Principal Certification Program prepares individuals to serve as principals and assistant principals, provides insight into the purposes and processes of schools, as well as the expertise necessary to lead and administer a school community.

Approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, this program meets state educational requirements for certification as a principal.

Students who successfully complete all program requirements will, at the same time, satisfy the academic requirements for an administrative certificate in Pennsylvania.

Students who successfully complete all requirements for the program at Temple, and successfully passed the School Leaders Licensure Assessment Praxis (link is external) test, he/she will have satisfied the academic requirements for a Principal Certificate in Pennsylvania. Temple University will endorse the successful candidate for certification.

Students who complete the program will be certified to serve as a school principal (K-12). To be eligible for a principal’s certificate, one must first be certified as a professional educator, and acquire (5) five years of satisfactory experience.

For more information, please contact Dr. Christopher McGinley at 215-204-6167 or

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