Sustainable Community Planning Certificate

Division of Architecture and Environmental Design

The core courses in the graduate certificate in Sustainable Community Planning program introduce students to the broad range of issues and topics relevant to planning for sustainable development of our cities and regions. Elective courses provide the opportunity to deepen knowledge and training in specific areas of sustainability and environmental planning.

Students in the graduate certificate in Sustainable Community Planning will: 1) gain knowledge of the historical evolution of the concept of sustainable development and its multiple definitions; 2) understand the discourse of theory and practice of sustainable development at the local, regional and global level; 3) be able to develop indicators to monitor and evaluate the sustainability of site, community and regional actions, plans and designs; 4) recognize models of sustainability and know how to use such models to inform their professional practice; 5) understand how to incorporate sustainability principles into planning practice to address the interrelationships between social, economic and environmental factors; and 6) have improved research, writing, and communication skills.

This certificate meets the needs of public and private agency employees who work in the field of environmental planning without academic degrees in planning.

Certificate Requirements