Adult and Organizational Development (AOD)

College of Education

Dr. Cynthia Belliveau
Ambler Program Coordinator

Janine Warnas
Academic Advisor

Do you enjoy resolving conflicts and working on team building? Do you see yourself working in non-profit agencies, human resources departments or with adult education? The Bachelor of Arts in Adult and Organizational Development (AOD) focuses on Applied Communication.

This degree prepares students who are interested in a career in education and training, but who are not planning to pursue a conventional teacher certification track. Students in this major are provided critical knowledge and skills in how to construct and facilitate effective learning and change situations in organizational, community, and professional contexts. Students who complete this degree pursue careers in adult learning, training and development, organizational consulting, mediation and conflict intervention, management, human resources, and educational/community leadership.

Program Requirements

Core Communication Courses: complete the following two courses with at minimum grade of "C" to be admitted to the Communication major:

AOD1096: Introduction to Communication for Educators

AOD1166: Interpersonal Communication through the Lifespan

Plus Additional Required Courses:

AOD 2115: Conflict Resolution in Education

AOD 2176: Team Process in Education

AOD 2201: Research Methods in Applied Communication

AOD 2214: Conflict and Communication

AOD 2215: Mediation: Principles and Practice

AOD 3316: Negotiation Processes

AOD 3304: Organizational Communication

AOD 3376: Facilitating Group Decision-Making

AOD 4396: Field Research: Practice in Professional Settings

Major Requirements

College Requirements


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