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Marketing is one of the most important business areas in the economy. Companies of all sizes must develop effective marketing strategies to reach the customers who will buy their products and services. To develop a successful marketing strategy, an individual must understand how to develop new products, create effective promotional programs, price the products, and distribute them to customers in domestic and foreign markets. The goals of the marketing curriculum are to enable students to develop occupationally viable skills and to pursue careers in Marketing.

Students are taught in quantitative methods and the behavioral sciences to solve marketing problems. Methods of instruction may range from programmed learning for simple vocabulary and concept formation to team participation in systems simulations. Class projects are sometimes conducted in cooperation with business and government organizations.

Marketing majors have career choices in several fields, including:

  • Advertising and Advertising Management

  • Sales and Sales Management

  • International Marketing

  • Marketing Research

  • Marketing Management

  • Distribution and Supply Chain Management

  • Careers in local, state, and federal government

  • Non-profit organizations such as hospitals and universities

  • Direct marketing

  • Public relations

  • Customer service

  • Wholesaling

Marketing majors are encouraged to become involved in the American Marketing Association (AMA), a student professional organization for Marketing majors. Guest speakers, networking events, internships and co-op, career development activities, and the resume book are just a few benefits of joining a professional organization.

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