Registration Policies

Enrollment is not complete until payment of tuition and fees has been made and processed through the University Bursar. Failure to satisfy financial obligations may result in cancellation of a student's current registration, withholding of official transcripts, grades, degrees, or diplomas. Also, denial of the right to register for future sessions and the assessment of late fees and collection costs can take place if bills are not paid.

Students who drop a class by the end of a term's drop/add period (the end of the second week of the fall, spring and summer semesters) will have the course deleted from their rosters. This will relieve students of academic responsibility and in many instances, financial responsibility associated with the course.

Students who withdraw from classes after the drop/add period are responsible for full payment of all tuition and fees. Unpaid tuition balances may be referred for collection and students may be held liable for paying all associated collection costs and/or legal fees.