Celebrating the Class of 2020!

Temple University Ambler’s graduates are an exemplary group of diverse students who will soon begin the next chapter in their lives in a wide variety of fields, from landscape architecture and horticulture to psychology and kinesiology.

Every journey has an ending but with every ending comes a new beginning. Their next journey starts in an unprecedented time for our country and the world. They are ready to face the challenges that are ahead and they are ready to do what they can to make the world a better place.

To honor our graduating class, Temple University Ambler is profiling just a few of the shining examples of the dedicated, determined, exceptional Class of 2020.

Emma Le, Temple University Class of 2020

Thao (Emma) Le

Major: Horticulture, Tyler School of Art and Architecture

Hometown: Hanoi, Vietnam/Philadelphia, PA

Next stop/goal? Returning to Vietnam and reconnecting with her family and her country; pursue a master’s degree in the areas of sustainability and/or outdoor recreation.

“Temple is a great institution and has so much to offer; sometimes I honestly feel like I’m not doing enough. In America, you can change your major or take free electives — most of the world doesn’t have that. My advice is to take advantage of those free electives because they are amazing! In a tough semester taking five core classes, I could take jazz piano or a yoga class or swimming to find a physical and mental activity balance. It was important to me to find a crew that I fit with and I’ve found three — the rock-climbing crew and the international student group at Main Campus and the horticulture group at Temple Ambler. Having that support system has been essential.” Read More

Elizabeth Krohn, Temple University Class of 2020

Elizabeth Krohn

Major: Master of Landscape Architecture, Tyler School of Art and Architecture

Hometown: Thorndale, PA

Next stop/goal? To work for a firm that positively impacts low income communities.

“Be open to the possibilities. The field of Landscape Architecture is so diverse and expansive, it’s so incredible. It’s the intersection of nature, science, art and culture and there are so many different directions to explore with that. Be open to learning as much as possible. The impacts are really so profound that it is truly worthwhile. You’re going to learn so much at Temple, it’s a worthwhile deep dive right from the beginning. My time at Temple, I believe, has truly pushed and challenged me toward this drive for excellence. Stick with it. It’s worth it.” Read More

Breianah Raysor-Moore, Temple University Class of 2020

Breianah Raysor-Moore

Major: Psychology, College of Liberal Arts

Hometown: North Wales, PA

Next stop/goal? Travel and discovery, then graduate school to pursue a master’s in psychology with the goal of working in the psychology field within the prison system. 

“Love what you do. Do not go into a field that you are hesitant about. You should be able to wake up every day and enjoy what you are doing. For me, my goal is to help others. I think it is very important to be that person that helps someone, or helps to guide them toward a better life for themselves. It’s my goal to make sure they feel secure. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel.” Read More

Ibrahim Al-Nasser, Temple University Class of 2020

Ibrahim Al-Nasser

Major: Horticulture, Tyler School of Art and Architecture

Hometown: Originally from Sana’a, Yemen/Ambler, PA

Next stop/goal? Indigenous Ingenuities, LLC, Doylestown, PA, a landscape design and landscape restoration firm that “designs, installs and maintains outdoor habitats that strengthen the connection between people and the environment.”

“No matter the context, plants, I think, inspire a sense of wonder and a greater connection to the world around you. They provide a calming, therapeutic presence that is much needed in this day and age. Working hands-on with the plants is ensuring that I will be much better prepared for the real world.  I truly feel like I’m part of this amazing team at Temple Ambler. I hope through our work, others fall in love with the plants and our connection to them in the same way I have.” Read More

Amanda Hoff, Temple University Class of 2020

Amanda Hoff

Major: Kinesiology, College of Public Health

Hometown: Telford, PA

Next stop/goal? Higher education or a doctor’s office; teach Zumba; and grow a fruit and vegetable garden.

“Be comfortable with your own pace. It’s a lot to take in — a lot of change, a lot of new experiences. It is okay to struggle and it is okay to ask for help. You can’t get anywhere without trying. Sometimes it’s going to take longer and there might be different ways you have to approach something, but as long as you try, you can accomplish almost anything. I feel with the skills I’ve developed and what I have learned at Temple, there are a lot of options in my field where I could be successful.” Read More

Darryl Sanford, Temple University Class of 2020

Darryl Sanford

Major: Horticulture, Tyler School of Art and Architecture

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Next stop/goal? Continue at the Ambler Campus Library while exploring the field of arboriculture and opportunities to become a gentleman farmer.

“Life is much more than what you have done so far. It’s the journey to the goal that really matters and once you arrive, you need to get ready for the next one. When I think about the last eight years — yes, I have the degree, that’s important to me and I really enjoy it — but it’s the journey along the way that really makes it of value. The things that you see, the people that you interact with, the experiences that you’ve had, those are the things that actually change you. It’s the journey that changes you, not the goal. I would advise everyone, young or old, to continue on in life, not just sit back and settle for what you have.” Read More

Megan Harris, Temple University Class of 2020

Megan Harris

Major: Psychology, College of Liberal Arts

Hometown: Perkasie, PA

Next stop/goal? Accepted to the Counseling Psychology master’s program at Delaware Valley University; also exploring current professional opportunities in psychology, with a particular interest in social justice.

“My advice for future Temple Owls is to build a close relationship with your advisor. My advisor helped me with registration and making sure I was on track to graduate on time. She suggested different courses when learning my interests and career goals, and wrote a letter of recommendation when I applied to graduate schools. That support prepared me to be successful as a student at Temple in addition to helping me prepare for success after graduation. Also, don’t be intimidated by online classes. Temple makes online learning accessible and very flexible. I was able to learn a lot from every online class I took.” Read More

Michelle Armour, Temple University Class of 2020

Michelle Armour

Major: Landscape Architecture, Tyler School of Art and Architecture

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Next stop/goal? Seeking to use her skills at a landscape architecture firm specializing in ecological restoration and urban planning design.

“Working in ecological restoration and environmental design, there is a great deal of potential to make a positive impact on communities. More and more people are living in urban areas. I want to explore ways to design cities that are sustainable and ecologically responsible, that support health and wellness. We make huge impacts on our environment — we need to make conscious decisions to bring about change.” Read More 

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