EarthFest Lockup

EarthFest Presents: Sustainability Action Day


Join the Ambler Arboretum for special service project designed to help preserve biodiversity in the region. Suggested classroom age - 6 to 8. Students will learn about invasive plants and why they create problems for indigenous plants and ecosystems. Students will then learn how to successfully remove invasive species.

This program is being held in partnership with the Ambler Arboretum of Temple University. The Ambler Arboretum is an historic public garden within a respected institution of higher education. Its mission is to serve as a living laboratory that promotes love and knowledge of horticulture, understanding of the relationship between people and the environment, and awareness of both the need for and means to achieve greater environmental responsibility. The gardens serve as excellent outdoor learning laboratories for numerous classes and as a source of inspiration for the campus and local communities. Learn more about the Ambler Arboretum.

Information: or 267-468-8108.