The Ambler Arboretum at Temple University is an excellent educational resource for students, faculty and visitors alike. From degree programs in horticulture and landscape architecture to non-credit programs in floral design and aquaponics, Temple University Ambler has more than a century of teaching sustainable practices and building important connections to the natural world.

Credit Courses

Sustainability and environmental education filter throughout the curriculum offered at Temple University Ambler. Ambler Campus is home to degree programs in Landscape Architecture and Horticulture, which are part of the Division of Architecture and Environmental Design in the Tyler School of Art.

Non-Credit Courses

From beekeeping to creating a vegetable garden, flower arranging to landscape design, Temple's Office of Non-Credit and Continuing Education offers topics of interest to everyone who'd like to meaningfully connect with the outdoors. Register now for non-credit "green" courses at Temple Ambler