Tips for Attending Ambler Arboretum BioBlitz

Ambler Arboretum BioBlitz will take place in a variety of locations, including meadows, forest, creeks and gardens on campus. 

Transportation and Parking:

  • All BioBlitz participants may park in the Learning Center Parking Lot.

Preparation before arriving:

  • If you haven’t already done so, please register for the event online at

  • Bring a camera to record your findings.

  • Bring binoculars if you have them available.

  • Bring bug spray.

  • Exploring is a hungry business. Bring snacks!

  • At BioBlitz, you will be out among the trees and meadows and possibly in the creeks. Wear clothes and footwear appropriate for getting hands-on with citizen science!

  • Wear a baseball cap — when looking anywhere toward the sun, they are a huge help.

  • Bring along a jacket or additional warm clothing — it can get a lot cooler under the canopy of trees. Dress in layers for the weather.

  • Think green — bring a reusable water bottle!

  • BioBlitz is open to everyone! Bring family and friends along to join in the fun!

  • If bringing children or minors to the event, please ensure that they are accompanied by an adult on the trail system at all times.

When you arrive:

  • BioBlitz Registration is located near the trail system. Please be sure to register when you arrive.

  • The Registration area will include dozens of field guides and more to help you identify the plants, trees, mammals, birds, insects, fungi and more that you discover during BioBlitz.

  • Data gathering material will be provided to you when you arrive at Registration.

  • Be sure to send photos of your findings to!

  • There will be trash and recycling receptacles located throughout the event. Please think environmentally and keep our campus clean! Discard debris in the proper containers.

  • You can always come back! BioBlitz is an 18-hour event. Head home for a snack or a meal and return to campus later in the day!

  • Join the BioBlitz conversation on social media when you use #AmblerArboretumBioBlitz.

  • Explore, discover and, most of all, have fun!

Any questions, contact Jim Duffy at Temple University Ambler at 267-468-8108 or

Be sure to visit the BioBlitz Website at for updated information about the event! We’ll see you on October 4!