Campus Research Resources


The 187-acre Ambler Campus represents a mix of natural and designed landscapes in addition to facilities that include laboratories, classrooms, library, technology center, offices, meeting spaces, auditorium, and ample parking. Temple Ambler also offers access to the Fox School of Business Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and the Ambler Aquaponics Research Laboratory. Additional facilities are available for recreational and research use, including, indoor and outdoor basketball courts, gym, tennis courts, sand volleyball courts, weight room, and playing fields for baseball, softball and soccer. 


  • 3D printing technology 

  • Ambler Campus Technology CenterLarge scale printing, plotting and scanning

  • Podcast creation lab

  • WiFi in the gardens

  • Specialized software

    •  Lumion  

    • Geographic Information Systems  (GIS) 

Specialized Equipment

  • Seismograph

  • Gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer (GC-MS)

  • Gas chromatograph-mass spectrometerTrimble geospatial Geo 7X handheld data collection device – geo-mapping and gathering GIS data

  • Ground-level and rooftop weather monitoring station

  • Technology-enhanced greenhouse

  • Data loggers – temperature, dew point and light readings – online  via HOBOlink system

  • Hydrology wells with monitoring equipment

  • 360-degree camera


  • Access to Temple University Library system - 3 million monographs and 750+ databases

  • Special collections resource center that includes Philadelphia history, urban history and rare books

  • Unique collection of ecological and environmental films

Law Enforcement Training Center

  • Non-Lethal Training Ammunition (NLTA) Training Facility

  • Confined Space Training Simulator

  • Trails and wooded areas including mock campground with a visitor center

  • Residential and institutional buildings and spaces available for tactical training

  • Weight room, gym and mat room