Special Achievement Award

The Special Achivement Award is presented to a student or student organization that has made a significant impact on campus through a specific event, project or activity during the current academic year.

Nominations may be submitted by the applicant, faculty or staff. The application deadline is Friday, March 23, 2018.

The Student Recognition Committee requires that all nominations forms be thoroughly completed. Please provide as much information as possible about yourself with regard to the requested information.

Questions regarding this award should be directed to Dr. Wanda Lewis-Campbell, Assistant Dean of Student Life at 267-468-8425.

Fill out if nominating a student. You may self nominate.
Fill out if nominating a student.
Fill out if nominating a student.
Select the student's major if nominating a student.
Include dates of involvement.
Describe why you feel this student or organization is deserving of this award (i.e. for a special program or event) and what impact he/she or the organization has had on the quality of life at Temple University Ambler.