Temple Made Day at Temple Ambler

Congratulations to the Class of 2020!

See that line up ahead? That’s the finish line!

You’ve made it! This is a day that was literally years in the making; a day that you made possible through dedication, determination and an uncommon drive.

Today we celebrate the achievements of the Class of 2020! This has been a year unlike any other, a year of extraordinarily difficult circumstances. But extraordinary students, like you, are able to face extreme uncertainty, turn it into a challenge and meet it head-on.

You did not reach today without making sacrifices, adapting and overcoming. Emblazoned on the wall of Temple Ambler’s design-build studio is an essential truth — “The work is hard. Do the work.” You did the work! You persevered.

This is your day, your triumph. Today you are Temple University graduates. Today you become part of a tapestry of alumni that are positively impacting communities all over the world.

And now the world is waiting. Go show them what it means to be #TempleMade!


Signature - Vicki Lewis McGarvey

Vice Provost, University College
Director, Temple University Ambler  

Celebrating Our Students

Every journey has an ending, but with every ending comes a new beginning. For our graduates, your next journey starts in an unprecedented time for our country and the world. You’ve got this!

You are ready to face the challenges that are ahead and you are ready to do what you can to make the world a better place!

Welcome Temple Ambler “Owlumni”

The Temple University Alumni Association is a global network of Owls more than 320,000 members strong living in all 50 states and 143 countries! Today, you become part of that network!

As a Temple Ambler Owl, you have also become a lifetime member of the Temple Ambler Campus Alumni Association (TACA). We hope that you will continue to be a part of the Ambler Campus community and we look forward to supporting you as you head on to new adventures!

Perseverance is…

Perseverance is part of being alive. Perseverance is carrying on with your dream and striving for it despite obstacles and people who are telling you no, it’s not possible. Sometimes the loudest voice is your own telling you “no.” But keep going. Don’t give up. Follow your dream. It’s worth it. — Elizabeth Krohn, Master of Landscape Architecture, Class of 2020

In the face of adversity, that is when Temple’s students truly shine. Perseverance conquers.

Profiles in Determination

Temple University Ambler’s graduates are an exemplary group of diverse students who will soon begin the next chapter in their lives in a wide variety of fields, from landscape architecture and horticulture to psychology.

To honor our graduating class, Temple University Ambler is profiling just a few of the shining examples of the dedicated, determined, exceptional Class of 2020.

Temple University Ambler - A Look Back

Four Years in the Life of Temple University Ambler

Our students are our lifeblood. You are the reason we strive every day to provide the best educational experiences possible. You have made campus exciting, innovative, creative, illuminating and most definitely worth celebrating.

For all that you have given to this campus — and all that you will give to the world — thank you.