News and Announcements

A view of the Hoop House readings using new technology to test temperature, dew point and other conditions

From new technology-supported breakout and meeting spaces to new specialized equipment to new software, the Ambler Campus has been enjoying advances in the technology capabilities available for students, faculty and staff throughout the summer.

Dr. Jeffrey Featherstone was the director of the Center for Sustainable Communities at Temple University

For Temple University and everyone who knew Dr. Jeffrey Featherstone, Saturday, May 7, was a day of unexpected and tragic loss. Featherstone, 68, passed away after a sudden and severe illness. While family, friends, colleagues and students mourn his profound loss, they are also remembering and celebrating a legacy built tirelessly over decades locally, nationally and internationally; in the classroom and out.

Seasonal Law Enforcement Training Program cadets near the Red Barn Gym.

Temple University Ambler is one of only seven institutions in the country to offer the Seasonal Law Enforcement Training Program while Temple is just one of two sites to offer the ProRanger program — Temple is the only university to offer both.

Temple University Ambler alumnus Brandon Huber and his Amorphophallus titanium

If Dr. Frankenstein worked with plants instead of bodies, he’d still have nothing on Temple University Ambler alumnus Brandon Huber. It’s no wonder that when his pride and joy — a 6-foot, 4-inch tall, 38-inch wide behemoth of a flowering plant — recently bloomed, it was welcomed by thousands of visitors to the greenhouse it currently calls home.

Angela Davis in Temple University Ambler's Formal Perennial Gardens

As Director of Development at Temple Ambler, Angela J. Davis is responsible for securing resources for the Ambler Campus and working with alumni and friends dedicated to the success of the campus.

Landscape Architecture Graduate Liam Cleary

Liam Cleary, 34, of Lederach, served for seven years with the United States Army 82nd Airborne, achieving the rank of sergeant. He will graduate with a B.S. in Landscape Architecture.

Javon Johnson will graduate with a degree in Adult and Organizational Development.

Javon Johnson is Temple Made through and through. Her older sisters Jalene and Jaslyn Johnson (collectively known as the JJs with Javon when they were growing up) are recent Temple graduates. Her brother Joshua Johnson is a freshman. Her father Jerome Johnson worked at Temple University Hospital (her mom did too 20 years ago).

John Hesdon will graduate with a degree in Film and Media Arts. He will also complete the ProRanger Philadelphia Program

John Hesdon is unique among his fellow Temple owls. Not only is he a Film and Media Arts major, he’s also a member of the ProRanger Philadelphia program, a partnership between Temple University and the National Park Service to train park rangers. That combination is a first.

Kelly Tascarella will graduate with a degree in Criminal Justice

Kelly Tascarella runs toward dangers that, rightfully, would send others fleeing in the opposite direction. At just 22, Tascarella already has nearly six years under her belt as a volunteer firefighter with the Fort Washington Fire Company.

Amelija Sorg-Taylor will graduate with a master's degree in City and Regional Planning

In just five years at Temple, Amelija Sorg-Taylor has been able to complete not one, but two degree programs as part of the Department of Planning and Community Development’s “4+1” program.