Diversity is a fundamental principle in the discipline of Ecology. There are many facets of biological diversity – species diversity, functional diversity, genetic diversity – each contributing to the richness and stability of our biosphere.  Similarly, human diversity supports the functioning of our society, our intellectual communities, and our cultural networks. 

The Temple Ambler Field Station strives to support all diversity – in the species that we preserve and study in our natural environments, and in the inclusive community of scientists and scholars who use the station for research and learning. 

A priority of the Temple Ambler Field Station is to contribute to the effort to diversify participation in the sciences, and the Field Station focuses on providing access and opportunities to students from populations under-represented in science. Many populations of students, particularly those at urban universities, lack proximity to field stations and natural environments that can serve as a platform for education, thereby limiting their access to advanced field-based training.  

By leveraging the strengths of the Temple Ambler Field Station’s location and assets, we are actively establishing research and educational opportunities and programming that promotes diversity in environmental fields.