The Temple Ambler Field Station serves both as an ecological observatory and as a platform for research across disciplines. 

As an ecological observatory, Field Station research initiatives document fundamental changes in our natural environments and provide these data as a publicly available resource to our community of researchers and educators. Our research advances understanding of global change impacts, from a local to global scale, as well as innovative and meaningful solutions. 

The Field Station also supports a cross-disciplinary array of research projects and centers, with investigations spanning environmental science to engineering.

Temple Forest Observatory

Temple Ambler Field Station is collaborating with Smithsonian Institution’s Forest Global Earth Observatory (ForestGEO) to establish two forest research plots at the Field Station as a platform for integrated research and education. 

PhenoCam: An Ecological Observatory Network

The Field Station is a member of the PhenoCam Network, a global ecological observatory dedicated to documenting and sharing data on climate-driven phenological changes that form the foundation of our ecosystems. 

Global Change Science

Field Station research is advancing understanding of the impacts of climate change and biological invasions. 

Research Facilities

Centers and Laboratories

Several on-site centers and laboratories support research at the Field Station.

User Request Form

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