Garden Etiquette

  • Please walk in the grass and on the paths, not in the garden beds.
  • Please admire the trees from the ground, do not climb them.
  • Please leave the flowers and leaves for others to experience, do not cut them.
  • Please take lots of pictures and share them. Professional photographers should call us to schedule a time for your photo shoot.
  • Please tell your friends and family about the Arboretum and bring them here.
  • Please use garbage and recycling containers as needed.
  • Please walk your dogs here, but please keep them on a leash and out of the gardens, and clean up after them.
  • Please use the grass fields adjacent to Meetinghouse Road for recreational activities.


Portions of the gardens are accessible to all. Some areas are not accessible to visitors with limited mobility, as they are natural environments with areas of uneven terrain.

Gardens and Points of Interest

  • 1: Greenhouse Education and Research Complex * By appointment only: Western side of campus off of Loop drive
  • 2: Walnut and Pecan Allée : Northwestern side of campus next to Loop Drive
  • 3: Ernesta Ballard Healing Garden : South of the Walnut and Pecan Allée and north of the greenhouse
  • 4: Colibraro Conifer Garden : East of the Greenhouse and south of the Ernesta Ballard Healing Garden
  • 5: Phil and Barbara Albright Winter Garden : Southeast of the Colibraro Conifer Garden along the accessible pathway
  • 6: Louise Stein Fisher Garden : Southwest of the Phil and Barbara Albright Winter Garden 
  • 7: Beech Grove : West of the Louise Stein Fisher Garden
  • 8: Woodland Garden : South of the Louise Stein Fisher Garden
  • 9: Bright Memorial Pavilion : East of the Louise Stein Fisher Garden
  • 10: Louise Bush-Brown Formal Perennial Garden : East of the Phil and Barbara Albright Winter Garden along the accessible pathway
  • 11: Formal Native Plant Garden : East of the Louise Bush-Brown Formal Perennial Garden along the accessible pathway
  • 12: Bell Tower : East of the Formal Native Plant Garden
  • 13: Viola Anders Herb Garden : Northeast of the Bell Tower
  • 14: Hilda Justice Artifacts Collection * open by appointment only : Northeast of the Viola Anders Herb Garden along the acessible pathway
  • 15: Groundcover Garden : Southwest of the Formal Native Plant Garden and east of the Bright Memorial Pavilion
  • 16: Plant Trial Bed : South of the Bell Tower
  • 17: Woman’s National Farm and Garden Visitor Center * open by appointment only : Southeast of the Hilda Justice Artifacts Collection
  • 18: Sustainable Wetlands Garden : North of the Hilda Justice Artifacts Collection next to Widener Hall
  • 20: West Hall Welcome Garden : On the Northeast side of West Hall
  • 21: Oak Canopy : North of the West Hall Welcome Garden
  •  22: Maple Canopy : South of the Learning Center 
  • 23: Pinetum : Southeast of West Hall

Hours and Admission

The Ambler Arboretum is free and open to the public from sunrise to sunset 365 days a year. Free parking is available in Lot 1 or 2. Register your vehicle at

Guided Tours and Field Trips

Please call to schedule or complete the form on our website listed below. Cost is $5 per person, special interests and school groups accommodated.


Visit us online or pick up an Arboretum Associate Application on campus in West Hall.


We have many opportunities for volunteering at the Ambler Arboretum of Temple University. For more information on volunteering, visit or stop by our office in West Hall.


Host your special events and corporate outings at the Ambler Arboretum. Visit our website for details.