Financial Donation

Donating money to the Arboretum's gift fund helps your dollars go further. We are able to purchase supplies, materials and plants at wholesale prices allowing us to get more for the money.  The donations made to the Arboretum's gift fund are unrestricted and can be used by the Arboretum in a way most needed at the time. 

Donating money to the Arboretum's Endowment Fund helps us plan for the future of the Arboretum.  Money donated to the Endowment Fund help boost the dollars we earn in interest over time. Each year we are able to spend a portion of the interest earned on the balance in the Endowed Fund. This ensures a steady stream of income throughout the years. Contributing to the Endowment Fund helps us know we have reliable income for years to come.  Simply select 'Other' and then write-in Ambler Arboretum Endowment to support this fund. 

Sending a Check?

Please make checks payable to Temple University with Ambler Arboretum in the Memo

They can be sent to:
Ambler Arboretum of Temple University
580 Meetinghouse Road
Administration Building
Ambler, PA 19002
Attn: Kathy Salisbury

How You Can Help: Volunteer

The energy and creativity of volunteers provide essential support to our gardens and programs. We welcome volunteers with an interest in plants to help our Horticulture Staff maintain the Arboretum’s gardens. Learn more about Volunteering


Many people have been asking what plants the Arboretum needs. It is true we have lost thousands of plants in our collections and displays. While donating money helps us get the plants we need, when we need them and at a great price, we know many in our community have access to plants they would like to share with us. 

Below we have listed the plants we are currently looking to add to our collection. The reasons we have selected these plants vary and have been chosen based on plans, priorities and in coordination with our plant collections policy.

If you have plant material you’d like to donate that is not listed, please contact Kathy Salisbury to see if it is something we can use in our collection. We will be coordinating these donations in February and looking to start planting them in Spring.

In order to accept plant donation we must know the correct identification of the material (to the best of the donor’s knowledge), the origin (e.g. what nursery or donor), and where they were grown (nursery or wild provenance).

Where plants are of wild origin we will require additional documentation. When donating plants you agree to be listed as a donor in our plant records database, and supply contact information (name of donor/business, address, and email).

Please contact Kathy Salisbury at to coordinate donations and next steps.

Equipment, Tools and Supplies 

  • Pick Up Truck 
  • Watering Tank 
  • Millside 03548 Polydeck Garden Wagon with Flat Free Tires 
  • Spearhead Spade Mini 
  • Spearhead Spade 
  • Greenworks Pro 60V 8” brushless cordless cultivator/tiller Model 2800602 
  • Trugs 
  • Tree Gators 
  • Tree Stakes 


    Thank you

    To all of the individuals, non-profit organizations, public gardens and nurseries who have donated plants (and in some cases the people power to plant the plants!) to the Arboretum:

    Action Tank  

    Bob Gray - Gray Landscape Design LLC 


    Colibraro Nursery 

    Frank Goodhart 

    Harmony Hill Nursery  

    Holly Days Nursery 

    Jenkins Arboretum 

    Karrie Hontz 

    Kate Galer 

    Kathleen V Salisbury 

    Kayla McKay 

    Longwood Gardens 

    Margie Marron

    Mary Pat Ford and Hugh Weldon 

    Michael Larkin 

    Michelle and Jeff Lapp 

    Monica Hamill 

    Morris Arboretum 

    Nemours Foundation 

    North Creek Nursery 

    Sam Browns Wholesale Nursery 

    Sandi Thompson and Jerry Burnsteel 

    Scott Arboretum 

    Steve Silberstein 

    Tyler Bozzuto 

    Upper Dublin Township Parks Department 

    Villanova University St. Thomas of Villanova Day of Service 

    Women's National Farm and Garden Association 

    overhead view of some of the storm damage