Designed as a novel prairie plant community, the Climate Resilient Garden, located near the Tyler School of Art and Architecture Greenhouse and Education Complex and the Ernesta Ballard Healing Garden, will become a place to inspire the exploration of the beauty and function of naturalistic garden design. The visual allure of the Climate Resilient Garden is designed to inspire visitors to cultivate a more dynamic array of plantings in their own gardens.

While the central herbaceous planting of native and cosmopolitan grasses and forbs will delight the senses, it will also provide critical sources of pollen, nectar and vegetation to local fauna. Intended as a work of art that evolves dramatically and rapidly, these garden plantings will display a symphony of color and texture that unfold only with the passage of time.

The outer perimeter will be planted as a naturalistic hedgerow to serve as a calm frame around the colorful interior plantings. The hedgerow will be rich in diversity, underplanted with layers of emergent cool- and warm-season grasses. Closer inspection will reveal a diverse, resilient plant community that supports a more beautiful and ecologically beneficial landscape.

resiliant garden plan
resiliant garden rendering
another resliant garden rendering