Providing an intimate area of contemplation and reflection, the Honor Grove, located near Dixon Hall, will recognize those who have special significance to the Ambler Arboretum.

Linear bands of masonry paving will extend through groves of gently illuminated, single-stem American Hornbeam and will feature the engraved names of individuals that have significantly contributed to the Arboretum’s rich history.

Sections of these paving bands will arise from the ground plane as benches for moments of respite and remembrance. To further enhance a sense of serenity, a simple circular water feature set low to the ground will be centrally positioned, offering the soothing sounds of lapping water.

The slope between the Honor Grove and Dixon Hall will be retained by a continuous seat wall below a canopy of Persian Ironwood over gentle drifts of native Oak Sedge (Carex albicans) and the golden flowers of Tufted Hair Grass. Stone slabs set into the hillside will connect the Honor Grove to a walkway leading to Dixon Hall.

honor grove plan
honor grove rendering