EarthFest 2019

Friday, April 26
9:30 A.M. to 2 P.M.
(rain or shine)
Admission is free!

EarthFest 2019 is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Jeffrey Featherstone, whose vision, guidance and leadership helped create an outdoor, educational experience for the next generation of leaders.

How do you plan on celebrating Earth Day this year?

Do you know how technology is helping planners create more sustainable communities? Do you know how you can help protect endangered wildlife? Do you know how organizations throughout the region are studying how to prevent flooding and improve the water that you use every day?

EarthFest is an outdoor educational celebration of Earth Day where the answers to so many questions about the environment, sustainability, healthy lifestyles, and protecting and preserving the planet are just an exploration away!

About EarthFest

Hosted by Temple University Ambler, the mission of EarthFest is to promote environmental awareness using sustainable concepts, methods and practices to protect and preserve our environment. Organizations, businesses, students of all ages and individuals demonstrate sustainable concepts and technologies, and provide interactive educational displays, activities and much more! Learn more about EarthFest.

EarthFest 2019 Event Map

Interact with more than 85 exhibitors at EarthFest 2019! View the EarthFest Event Map!

Bring Your School to EarthFest

Last year, more than 5,500 students (grades pre-K through 12), teachers, and visitors spent a rewarding, educational day at Temple University Ambler celebrating the importance of protecting the environment and preserving their future. Learn from more than 85 exhibitors! Enjoy Main Stage programming that includes the Franklin Institute, the Academy of Natural Sciences, the Elmwood Park Zoo, and more! Or become an exhibitor yourself! Learn more about bringing your school to EarthFest.

Become an EarthFest Exhibitor

EarthFest is held on the fields near our large student parking lot on Meetinghouse Road. Be one of more than 85 exhibitors sharing sustainable and environmental concepts to protect the planet for today and tomorrow! Learn more about becoming an EarthFest exhibitor.

Support EarthFest

Each year EarthFest continues to grow and reach more and more children, educators, businesses, organizations and communities in the region. EarthFest is one of the most successful and highly anticipated events of the year at Temple University Ambler. It is central to our core values of student-centered learning, respect for the environment, and community engagement. Learn more about supporting EarthFest.

Volunteering at EarthFest

As EarthFest continues to grow, so does the need for volunteers! Last year's event could not have been successful without the help of volunteers, including students, staff, faculty and community members. Learn more about volunteering at EarthFest.

EarthFest Exhibitors and Activities

From the Franklin Institute to FEMA, the Academy of Natural Sciences to the Environmental Protection Agency, EarthFest includes more than 85 exhibitors ready to share their knowledge with students through innovative, interactive displays and programs. Don't miss our Main Stage programming, which includes special shows by the Franklin Institute, Elmwood Park Zoo, Barn Nature Center and more! Learn more about who is exhibiting at EarthFest and what is happening on the EarthFest Main Stage.

EarthFest News

What's new for EarthFest 2019? What are our exhibitors sharing at the event this year? Find out with EarthFest News! Learn more about what is happening this year at EarthFest.

Parking at EarthFest

An attendance of more than 5,500 is expected at EarthFest. Due to increased levels of pedestrian and vehicular traffic, temporary changes to parking at Temple University Ambler will be in effect during EarthFest. Learn about parking at EarthFest.

Contact Us

Questions about bringing a school to EarthFest? Not sure where your exhibit space is? If you have questions, be sure to contact us! Learn more about contacting us.

EarthFest 2019 is sponsored and hosted by:

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The 2019 event is made possible with generous support from contributing sponsors. Learn how to become a contributing sponsor!

The Allerton Foundation

Ellis A. Gimbel Trust

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Temple University Police; the Temple University Recycling Office; Upper Dublin Police; and the Ambler Community Ambulance Association