Let the Science of Scary online celebration be just the beginning of your journeys to discovery. Our event contributors provide a wonderful resource for information and educational activities. There are also numerous other online resources to help you engage in and explore the world around you. Now get out there and get exploring! 

Science from Home — Academy of Natural Sciences

The Academy of Natural Science’s Science from Home provides simple science activities to try at home with your family, coloring pages, outdoor activities to explore the nature around you, and more! From “Ask the Scientists!” where kids lead the conversation with Academy scientists and educators, to Bug Fest to Academy Science Camp and more, the Academy is constantly adding and changing the contents of this page, so check back often!

Elmwood Park Zoo — EPZoo2U

Elmwood Park Zoo is a community leader in providing fun and educational experiences to all of its guests, both young and old. They have a number of resources to educate and entertain home-bound supporters. Check out Bubby’s Club, Kamp Keeper, Animal Cams and the popular Zoo School Live! More EPZoo2U content is added on a daily and weekly basis. Check back often for the latest updates!

Fun Science with the College of Science and Technology

Temple University's College of Science and Technology is offering a wonderful series of FunScienceDemos. Want to know how plate tectonics work? They’ve got the video for you! If you are a teacher in need of science readings, writing prompts and more, they also offer a comprehensive companion site.

Visit the NOAA National Hurricane Center

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Hurricane Center and Central Pacific Hurricane Center provides up to the minute analyses and forecasts, in addition to satellite imagery and radar imagery as well as a wide variety of educational resources related to hurricanes and hurricane preparedness.  

Education in Observation

Observation and collecting information and data is an essential part of citizen science. As an observer, you'll notice things you never saw before. According to Nature’s Notebook, a project of the USA National Phenology Network, a dedicated observer may notice "the slightest blush on a maple leaf that foreshadows the coming fall; the new, more vibrant feathers warblers put on days before mating; the swelling of a Palo Verde bean pod as it grows. You develop a more nuanced appreciation of our natural world. Nature's Notebook is an excellent tool in your citizen science toolbox!

Explore Your World From Home

How would you like to visit an elephant watering hole in Africa or watch a family of gorilla live? How about diving into the ocean with great white sharks or viewing the Aurora Borealis lighting up the night? Through dozens of live webcams located all over the world, Explore.org, a philanthropic media organization and a multi-media division of the Annenberg Foundation, provides educational and inspirational journeys for every interest. The website also includes 250 original films, 30,000 photographs and free lesson plans for educators.

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