When you think about a zoo, what kinds of careers come to mind? Zookeeper? Veterinarian? Concession vendor? How about Guest Services? Or Educator? Or Marketing? It takes an army of individuals in a diversity of careers to keep a zoo running successfully.

Every one of those positions are essential to the zoo's mission of caring for their animals, promoting conservation and building indelible connections between the zoo's residents and visitors. Join us on a visit to EarthFest event partner the Elmwood Park Zoo to learn about careers at the zoo!  

How Do You Run a Zoo?

In this video, Jennifer Conti, Development Director at the Elmwood Park Zoo, talks about the importance of community support for the Zoo’s essential conservation mission. The Elmwood Park Zoo’s mission is to foster an appreciation for wildlife and the environment that will inspire active participation in conservation. The zoo participates in programs and initiatives that help save wildlife, and it teaches others how they can help prevent species extinction and resource depletion.

Meet Elmwood’s Adventurous Zookeepers!

What does it take to care for giraffes, jaguars, river otters, red pandas, cougars and much more? Join Kate Olsen, Animal Keeper and Behavioral Husbandry Coordinator at the Elmwood Park Zoo, and fellow Animal Keeper Shelby True to learn about how the diversity of animals are cared for each and every day!

A Lesson on Zoo Education with Sally the Moluccan Cockatoo

Who is learning at the Zoo? Everyone from the littlest learner to senior citizens is learning about conservation, animal behavior, biological sciences, research and much more. Join Elisa Tyler, Manager of Education Engagement at the Elmwood Park Zoo, and Animal Ambassador Sally the Salmon Crested Moluccan Cockatoo as they explore how the Zoo’s educational programs are offered.

Water Conservation with Eric Mahan (and Rocky and Piper)

Join Eric Mahan, Zookeeper and Water Quality Coordinator at the Elmwood Park Zoo (with some help from river otters Rocky and Piper) as he shares insight into threats to waterways globally and the Zoo’s efforts to conserve water locally.

A True Temple Owl: A Visit With Stella!

This is Temple Ambler EarthFest. Of course, Stella, Temple’s Living Mascot, is making an appearance! Laura Soder, Manager of Ambassador Animal Engagement at the Elmwood Park Zoo, shares how Stella and several of the Zoo’s amazing residents became animal ambassadors, essential parts of the Elmwood Park Zoo’s mission to foster an appreciation for wildlife and the environment.

Animal Ambassador Training with Pesto the Skunk

Laura Soder, Manager of Ambassador Animal Engagement at the Elmwood Park Zoo, is back, but this time she’s brought along her friend and Animal Ambassador Pesto the Skunk! Getting an animal ambassador ready to help with the Zoo’s many educational programs doesn’t happen overnight. It takes training! See how one-year-old Pesto is definitely getting the hang of it!

Ensuring Animal Welfare

Animal welfare is all about making sure that an animal’s psychological and physical needs are being met. Every morning of each day, every animal at the Elmwood Park Zoo receive a visit to ensure their needs are well taken care of. Join Kate Olsen, Animal Keeper and Behavioral Husbandry Coordinator at the Elmwood Park Zoo, and fellow Animal Keeper Shelby True as they explore animal welfare.

Chow Time at the Elmwood Park Zoo

Take a visit to the Elmwood Park Zoo Animal Commissary and you soon realize that there are literally dozens of menus for their Zoo residents. Sally the Cockatoo doesn’t eat what Pokey Porcupine eats after all. The nutritional needs of every animal are planned down to the slightest detail, including the size of the food they will enjoy. Join Ian Taber, Commissary Keeper at the Elmwood Park Zoo, as he shares some of the varied diets of the Zoo’s animals. Who knew chickens were such food divas?

Zoo Guests Need Care Too

When you visit a zoo, you might think that the only things there that need to be cared for are the animals. You know who else needs care? You! The Elmwood Park Zoo has a dedicated team focused on ensuring guests have their best experience possible while learning about and connecting with animals from around the world. Learn about guest services at the Zoo from Morgan Reale, Director of Guest Services.

Sharing the Zoo’s Message

You might think that a zoo sells itself. Who doesn’t want to visit bald eagles, giraffes, jaguars and red pandas? But there are so many great things to do in the Philadelphia area that it’s essential that people hear about the Elmwood Park Zoo’s conservation mission and pay a visit to build lasting connections with the animal residents. Shaun Rogers, Marketing Director at the Elmwood Park Zoo, talks about what it takes to make sure that the Zoo’s message is heard loud and clear!

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