Science of Scary

Temple University Ambler EarthFest LogoEarthFest Presents: The Science of Scary

Sunday, October 18
2 to 4 p.m.
Bright Hall
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Some things in nature are just plain scary…or at least pretty icky. But just because something seems scary, doesn’t mean that it is!

Celebrate the fall season in a different way by learning about the science behind the things in nature that may scare you but serve an important role in their environment. All animals and insects, no matter how creepy or crawly, serve an essential purpose in their ecosystems and increase biodiversity!

Gain a deeper understanding of the wonders of nature and the amazing things that may be found right in your own backyard. Connect with the world around you by learning about animals and insects such as skunks, spiders, predatory birds, snakes, sharks, scorpions and carnivorous plants!

What will you discover? Learn more about the Science of Scary!

Information: or 267-468-8108.