News and Announcements

Angela Davis Recognized for Opportunity and Inclusion Leadership

Angela Davis, Assistant Dean of Development for University College at Temple, has been recognized for her demonstrated commitment to diversity and inclusion. Earlier this year she was awarded the Charles A. Wright Opportunity and Inclusion Leadership Award by the Council for Advancement and Support Education (CASE) District II.

Temple’s University College and Southwest Belmont Community Association, Inc.: Partnering to Promote Diversity, Accessibility and Success

Temple’s University College and the Southwest Belmont Community Association, Inc. are partnering to provide financial assistance for low-income children and students in pre-K through 12th grade from diverse backgrounds in and around the city of Philadelphia to enable them to attend community programs.

Temple University Ambler entrance sign

It is important to come together as a campus community with empathy, with a shared commitment to learn, grow, and be part of the change. Temple Ambler has taken up that challenge to both stand up to racial oppression and look inward to identify the ways in which our own practices do not support racial equity.

The Elmwood Park Zoo presents Stella the Great Horned Owl!

Celebrate the fall season in a different way by learning about the science behind the things in nature that may scare you but are essential to their environment. Temple University Ambler EarthFest presents The Science of Scary will begin virtually on Monday, October 12.

Essentials for Returning to Campus

We have been working hard all summer to make sure your campus experience is safe and academically rewarding. Whether you are new to campus or have been part of the Ambler Campus community for years, we want to make sure you have the essential information that you need all located in one place!

Amanda Hoff: An Ambassador for Temple Ambler Owls

If you have visited Temple University Ambler and taken a tour of campus in the last four years, Kinesiology major Amanda Hoff, a member of the Class of 2020, may very well have been one of the first people you met.

Breianah Raysor-Moore: Delving Deep into the Human Mind

Working full-time at Lansdale Hospital in the registration department for radiology outpatients, Breianah Raysor-Moore, a member of the Class of 2020, found Temple University Ambler conveniently located, allowing her to strike a balance between work and a combination of in-person and online classes.

Darryl Sanford: The Value of the Journey to a Horticulture Degree

Darryl Sanford has been part of the Temple University community for most of his adult life, initially as a student in 1983. He completed his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering and shortly after graduation took a “temporary” job with Temple’s Library system. Fast-forward to 2020 and that temporary position has been a full-fledged career dedicated to supporting Temple students, faculty and staff that has spanned more than 30 years.

Megan Harris: A Force for Social Justice

Temple University Psychology major Megan Harris thinks nothing of placing the needs of others before her own. She is basing her future career on the goal of helping individuals out of some of the darkest moments of their lives.

Ibrahim Al-Nasser: Answering the Call for a Future in Horticulture

For Horticulture major Ibrahim Al-Nasser, a member of the Class of 2020, discovering horticulture was a return to a true passion.  "It is riveting to be outside, to have your hands in the dirt, your feet in the mud — I lost touch with nature growing up. When I came to Pennsylvania, I strove to get outside and see more natural places, go to more parks, get more involved with tree and see them as living beings; I wanted to care for them," he said.