News and Announcements

Alexandra Carr: Temple is a Family Business

Alexandra Carr is a Temple Owl through and through. In fact, she comes from a whole nest of Owls!

Abigail Long: Landscaping Her Future

Landscape Architecture senior Abigail Long isn’t someone who's not willing to get her hands dirty. She’s not one to just wait around for something to come to her either. Rather than diving right in, Long said she took a few classes before joining the Landscape Architecture program, offered at Temple by the Tyler School of Art and Architecture.

Temple University Ambler Officially Designated a Field Station

Today researchers from a variety of disciplines currently conduct research at the Ambler Campus in everything from urban hydrology and stormwater management to ecology and seismology. Now researchers from Temple and well beyond have a new home and access to a broad range of natural resources and technology.

Amy Freestone: Teaching Locally, Researching Globally

Dr. Amy Freestone knows a little something about field research, having called Antarctica and Madagascar home while conducting hands-on research. That experience made her the perfect candidate to take on the role of Director of the new Temple University Ambler Field Station.

Mariana Bonfim: Research and Teaching as Connecting Bridges Between People and Nature

Mariana Bonfim, a PhD candidate in Biology at Temple University and Research Assistant with the recently established Temple Ambler Field Station, has been thinking a lot lately about relationships. But not in the way you might think. “Nature has a lot of different patterns, but why is an organism exactly the way it is? Why do sea anemones, for example, attach to hermit crabs? What is that relationship bringing to each of them?” asked Bonfim, 29, who arrived at Temple and Field Station Director Dr. Amy Freenstone’s Freestone Lab in 2015 having already amassed years of diverse research and teaching experience in Brazil.

Combating Stress with Nature at Temple Ambler

The benefits from getting outside and engaging in outdoor activities for the mind, body and spirit are well-documented and help to create a lasting connection to nature that help promote happiness and good health. The Ambler Arboretum and the Ambler Campus are an excellent resource to reconnect with the world around you and reap the healing benefits of reacquainting yourself with the natural world.

Hundreds of walkers take part in the March of Dimes March for Babies at Temple University Ambler each year.

One of the largest charitable endeavors held on campus is the March of Dimes March for Babies. For 21 consecutive years, Temple University Ambler has served as the Eastern Montgomery County March of Dimes March for Babies host.

Darryl Sanford: The Value of the Journey to a Horticulture Degree

Darryl Sanford has been part of the Temple University community for most of his adult life, initially as a student in 1983. He completed his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering and shortly after graduation took a “temporary” job with Temple’s Library system. Fast-forward to 2020 and that temporary position has been a full-fledged career dedicated to supporting Temple students, faculty and staff that has spanned more than 30 years.

Curiouser and Curiouser - Osage Orange

Monkey Brains in the Arboretum! Not really, but kind of. “Monkey Brains” is one of the common names for the lumpy, bumpy lime green fruit of the Osage Orange tree.

Small Business Development Center coming to Temple Ambler

In March, Temple University is giving entrepreneurs — military veterans in particular — a new place and an essential partner to help their business concepts become reality. On March 20 at 3 p.m., Temple’s Small Business Development Center (SBDC) will cut the ribbon on a new office located in the Ambler Campus Library Building.