Whether you are finishing up high school, ready to transfer from another college, or returning to college as an adult learner, we are here to help!  The Office of Academic Advising and Student Success provides individualized attention and support whenever you need it.  Your goals are important to us, and we are able to guide you in any of the following areas:

  • Register for classes
  • New Student Orientation
  • Understanding your degree requirements
  • Exploring majors, minors and certificates
  • Taking a class or two without applying (Non-degree and Visiting Students)
  • Creating an academic success plan
  • Process change of program and campus
  • Process re-enrollment
  • Process schedule revisions
  • Exploring solutions to academic challenges
  • Connecting you to other campus and university academic and student support services
  • Assisting with career-related topics in conjunction with the Temple University Career Center
  • Serving as a liaison to Temple University’s Disability Resources and Services

Contact Information:

Office of Academic Advising and Student Success
The Learning Center


Fox School of Business Advising

To book a Fox advising appointment at Ambler Campus, please use the online appointment system.


Official Temple University transcripts may be ordered online. Learn more about ordering official Temple transcripts

Additional Student Success Resources

In addition to the services provided to you at Temple Ambler, Temple University provides several resources that can help keep you on track to graduation! Here are just a few:  

  • Bulletin: The Bulletin is your guide to all of Temple's degree programs and the requirements necessary to complete your major.
  • General Education Program (GenEd): College gives you the chance to acquire expertise in a specific field, but it also should help you develop a broad base of skills, abilities and knowledge. Temple's General Education (GenEd) program serves as the university's liberal-education requirements for undergraduates and provides a foundation for learning and development that will help you succeed academically and professionally.  
  • Ambler Campus Library: The Library, located in the Ambler Learning Center, supports undergraduate and graduate courses with a collection of books, bound journals, reference materials and access to all the electronic materials held by the library system for current faculty, staff and students.
  • Ambler Campus Technology Center: Located within the Learning Center, students will find a computer lab which is equipped with both PCs and iMacs, color and black and white laser printing, plotters, scanner applications, video editing equipment, and a wireless lounge area. A Help Desk area is located within the ACT Center.
  • Temple's Course Schedule: Search courses and schedules for Temple programs online. 
  • Virtual Tutoring Services:  Your academic success is important to us! Temple Ambler students have access to a wide variety of virtual tutoring services through the Student Success Center. 
  • Degree Programs: Learn more about Undergraduate and Graduate programs available at Temple University Ambler.
  • Tuttleman Counseling Services (TCS):  A licensed TCS counselor is available at Ambler Campus one day a week.  Students must first register at Main Campus.  Learn more about how TCS may help you succeed. 
  • Temple University Career Center:  If you are in need of talking to a career coach, accessing career tools, or viewing available jobs and internships, the Career Center has a variety of in-person and virtual opportunities for all students.
  • Disabilities Resources and Services:  Students with a disability are encouraged to apply for assistance.  Ambler Campus staff can help you navigate this application process and work with you, your instructors and the Main Campus Disability Resources and Services Office to provide accommodations that meet your needs.
  • Veteran's Services: If you a veteran or active duty military, the Temple University Office of Veterans Affairs is here to support you.
  • Student and Campus Life: Your college experience should not begin and end at the classroom door.  Learn how you can become a part of the Ambler Campus community! 
  • Studying Abroad: There are numerous opportunities to study abroad while attending Temple. Take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.