Temple University Criminal Justice Training Programs, a division of the Temple University Department of Criminal Justice, has conducted professional training programs for a variety of criminal justice agencies and occupations since 1968.

Thousands of criminal justice professionals enroll in programs offered by CJTP each year including police officers, sheriffs and deputy sheriffs, state constables, park rangers, school security officers, and crime prevention specialists. Other activities include continuing education programs for agencies allied to the criminal justice system and the development of curricula including distance-learning and online classes.

Law Enforcement Training Center at Temple University Ambler

The Law Enforcement Training Center, located at Temple’s Ambler Campus, is comprised of the 187-acre property, campus buildings, specialized training facilities. It is the home to Temple University Police AcademyPark Ranger Law Enforcement Academy (PRLEA) and ProRanger Philadelphia administrators, staff, instructors and student/trainee populations.

Non-Lethal Training Ammunition (NLTA) Training Facility

Non-Lethal Training Ammunition area, cadet behind a car
Non-Lethal Training Ammunition area, cadet behind a log

The NTLA is a designated fenced-in area used by the Temple University Police Academy and Park Ranger Law Enforcement Academy to train in basic non-lethal tactics, including vehicle stops and active threat response. NLTA is part of the trainees’ firearms training using Airsoft guns — models of actual on-duty firearms that are filled with compressed air.

Confined Space Training Simulator

Confined Space Training Simulator interior
Confined Space Training Simulator exterior

The Confined Space Training Simulator is a refurbished Temple University mass transportation vehicle used by the Police Academy and PRLEA to practice close-quarters tactics in situations where civilians would be in direct danger. The simulator is a confined space that may be used to study proper procedures within a plane fuselage, bus or train. Trainees additionally study the federal requirements for carrying firearms on a commercial flight.

Mock Campground and Visitor Center

Mock Campground
visitor center
visitor center interior

A former orchard and tennis court area, the partially fenced-in mock campground, which includes a fire pit, picnic tables and various camping props and paraphernalia, is used predominantly by PRLEA but is also available for Police Academy Training. Trainees practice a variety of scenarios during patrol skills labs — everything from loud campers and underage drinking to domestic violence and drug possession. The Visitors Center also includes solar panels and lighting for night and low-light training.

Tactical and Specialized Training Spaces

Tactical and Specialized Training Spaces
Stairwell training
aquatic rescue training

The Ambler Campus provides a diverse set of spaces — former residential buildings, single-floor and multi-story buildings, stairwells, gardens and open areas — to practice reality-based scenario training. Campus buildings allow trainees to practice room clearing, tactical medicine and stairwell clearing. The outdoor pool is used for water rescue scenarios. A 300-seat auditorium is also available for conferences, ceremonies and graduation events.

Ambler Campus Trail System and Wooded Areas

cadets in surveillance training
cadet in tall grass

The campus trail system (about 1.5 miles) and wooded areas provide natural settings for trainees to practice their response to a variety of scenarios including encountering individuals or groups in isolated areas, archeological resource crimes and surveillance practices. As part of the Park Ranger curriculum, cadets are placed in full camouflage to train in proper surveillance techniques. Temple Ambler is additionally developing a land navigation course and will have the infrastructure in place for trainers to set up their own courses.

Physical Fitness Training Facilities

cadets bench pressing with spotters
cadets stretching in the gym

Trainees have full access to the weight room, gym and mat room on campus. The facilities are used for physical fitness and defensive tactics training, control tactics and arrest techniques.

Campus Roads and Parking Lots

cadet practicing vehicle stop

Ambler Campus interior roads and parking facilities are used to simulate vehicle stops and vehicle search labs in addition to crime scene and auto accident investigations. Two decommissioned police cruisers are available for on-campus training scenarios.

Technology Training

student using VR headset

Trainees have ready access to the full scope of technology available in the Ambler Campus Technology Center, including virtual reality and augmented reality. Criminal Justice Training Programs in partnership with Information Technology Services is exploring virtual reality tactical simulations in addition to other computerized training options. Drone technology will also soon be available for the Police Academy, PRLEA and external organizations to practice technology-based surveillance techniques.