Recreation Services at Temple University Ambler

Red Barn Gym

Hours: 12 to 8 p.m., Monday through Thursday
Friday: 12 to 6 p.m.
Saturday: 12 to 5 p.m.
Sunday: Closed

The Red Barn Recreation Center welcomes students, faculty, and staff back for the Fall 2021 semester.

Recreational and Intramural Activities

Temple University Ambler offers a variety of recreational and intramural activities for its students.

These activities are specifically designed for the Ambler Campus and include: intramural leagues, informal recreation and weekly activities held throughout the year. The Red Barn Gym houses many of the indoor recreational facilities, including the gymnasium, fitness room and locker areas.

In addition to these facilities, Ambler has three outdoor tennis courts, four outdoor basketball courts, a sand volleyball court, outdoor swimming pool and a multipurpose grass playing field. Ambler students are also welcome to participate in any Main Campus recreational activities.


Access to the facilities and programs offered by Ambler Recreations Services may be acquired by paying the Campus Rec Access Fee. The Rec Access fee is determined by the person’s status as a student, employee, or alumnus of Temple University.


All students enrolled at Temple are automatically assessed a portion of the campus Rec Access fee.


All employees may have the Campus Rec Access fee deducted from their paycheck. A deduction will be withdrawn from your paycheck every month, Campus Recreation revised the payroll deduction process to allow employees to enroll in the program one time and have the membership renew every September 1. Employees interested in paying the Campus Rec Access Fee through payroll deduction must come to either the Ambler Recreations office in the Red Barn Gym or the Main Campus office to complete the payroll deduction enrollment form.


Any graduate of Temple University may use the facilities but must purchase a Campus Rec Alumni ID. Alumni must either visit the Ambler or Main Campus Recreations office to purchase the access card. The cost of this card ranges from $100 to $150 per semester and  $220 to $335 for the entire year. The cost of this access card is regulated to the year that you graduated from the university.

Guest Passes

Guest passes may be purchased at Cash Operations in West Hall by any student or employee who has paid the Campus Rec Access Fee. The sponsor of the guest is required to accompany the guest at all times in the facilities. A maximum of three (3) guest passes are permitted per sponsor per day. The fee for a pass is $12 per day and is valid for that entire day.

Recreation Events

Recreation services and the Office of Student Life invite students to participate in health and wellness programs and intramural sports offered in the Red Barn Gym. Learn more about upcoming one-day, weekly and ongoing programs and a variety of campus contests.

Employment Opportunities

There are many employment opportunities with Ambler Recreations Services. Students are employed in the Red Barn Gym and at the pool. Interested candidates need to contact Paul Myers at 267-468-8150 or