Temple Ambler provides Freshman Year Experience Grant

Temple University Ambler Front Entrance

Making the transition from high school to college can be daunting for any student. Temple University Ambler is providing a welcoming entry point for incoming freshman to get started as a new Owl.

“Students often think they are completely prepared for this monumental step in their education, but there are always surprises along the way,” said Tara Stasik, Director of Academic and Student Services at Temple Ambler. “We have staff who are dedicated to ensuring that our students succeed. We have the knowledge, skills and tools in place to help all of our students navigate Temple.”

“The Freshman Year Experience at Ambler allows students to choose from one of several Temple programs and complete their first year at the Ambler Campus,” said Stasik. “Students then have the option to continue at Temple Ambler in one of the majors that may be completed entirely on campus or transition to Main Campus as a sophomore.”

Temple Ambler is also providing financial assistance to freshman students that qualify to ensure they get their first year off on the right foot.

“We’re very pleased to announce that all incoming full-time freshman students beginning at Temple Ambler will receive the Freshman Year Experience grant,” said Dr. Vicki Lewis McGarvey, Vice Provost for University College and Interim Director of Temple University Ambler. “The grant is part of Temple's commitment to making higher education accessible and affordable to students and their families.”

 Students who plan to take at least 12 credits at Temple Ambler in both the fall and spring semester may be eligible for the Freshman Year Experience campus grant and the “Fly in 4” program. For Pennsylvania residents, the Freshman Year Experience at Temple Ambler offers a $3,500 savings for students. Out-of-state students, who pay higher tuition than state residents, will save $5,600. This grant is separate from any additional aid students may receive after completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

“With smaller class sizes, students receive one-on-one attention and the benefit of a lower tuition cost for the year. It’s a great opportunity for students to experience everything that Temple has to offer, but in a small, close-knit community,” said Stasik. “Temple’s reach goes well beyond Main Campus and Broad Street, and Temple Ambler offers unique educational experiences and research opportunities.”

During their freshman year, Stasik said, “we’ll assist students with course planning whether they choose to stay at Temple Ambler after their freshman year or make the transition to Main Campus.”

“Our mission is to ensure student success. They’ll be ready to continue their education at Temple no matter where their major takes them,” she said. “Students will know where to go and who to turn to at both campuses.”

Visit here for additional information about the Freshman Year Experience at Temple Ambler or contact the Ambler Campus Admissions Office at ambler@temple.edu or 267-468-8100.