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Elizabeth Krohn: A Life Dedicated to Impacting the Human Spirit

Elizabeth Krohn was never meant for an indoor profession. The Class of 2020 graduate, who is completing her Master of Landscape Architecture degree, was meant to for the outdoors, positively impacting environments and uplifting underserved communities.

Thao (Emma) Le: Meeting the Challenges of Horticulture Head-on

Challenges, meet Thao (Emma) Le, a member of the Class of 2020. You don’t stand a chance. Her stratospheric 3.99 grade point average, not one but three internships, and the dedication she has exemplified to her major and the University community as a whole is testament to that.

Michelle Armour: Discovering the Art of Landscape Architecture

Michelle Armour knows and little something about creating art. She also knows about healing and restoration. For the Tyler School of Art and Architecture and Temple Ambler graduate, Landscape Architecture was the perfect marriage of both, richly combined with science, sustainable and environmental action and working directly with communities to initiate change.

Wool Mulch used on the Ambler Arboretum

The Ambler Arboretum have been doing some experimentation with mulches over the last couple of seasons, including wool!

Cedar Apple Ruse, a type of gall

This time of year as you continue your nature walks around the neighborhood or start venturing into local parks, you may notice weird growths on the leaves of plants. They may look kind of alien or gross to you but they are really fascinating. These growths are called galls. 

Exploring Black Walnut Trees and Petiole Galls

The pink formations on Black Walnut trees are actually galls. These particular galls are Petiole Galls. These particular galls are caused by a type of mite - Eriophyid mite (there are many different types of these mites and others are responsible for galls in other plant species including Rose Rosette disease in roses). 

Putting up at tent at the Great American Campout at Temple Ambler.

Temple University Ambler EarthFest Presents and the Ambler Arboretum of Temple University are excited to provide essential information about camping, hiking and exploring nature for new and experienced campers alike. Rather than a day or a weekend, through these webpages, we're going to be celebrating the Great American Campout all summer and fall! 

Making Connections Through Gaming: Esports Comes to Temple University Ambler

Thanks to support from Temple University grants, Esports has arrived at Temple University in the form of a dedicated space for students to connect, work as teams and socialize while building their critical, analytical and strategic thinking skills.

Flower Show 2020: Ungardening in the Ambler Campus Greenhouse

When Philadelphia Flower Show preparation begins at Temple University Ambler each year, that’s where Temple Horticulture staff and students come in. Their mission is to “trick” the plants into thinking that late February/early March is a perfect time to put their best blooming face forward for the signature event’s 250,000 guests.

At the 2020 Philadelphia Flower Show, Temple University Landscape Architecture and Horticulture students and faculty were presented with a PHS Gold Medal and the Alfred M. Campbell Memorial Trophy.

At the 2020 Philadelphia Flower Show, Temple University Landscape Architecture and Horticulture students and faculty were presented with a PHS Gold Medal, the Alfred M. Campbell Memorial Trophy and a PHS Gold Medal Plant Award.