News and Announcements

Philip and Barbara Albright

After decades of support to the Amber Arboretum of Temple University and the Ambler Campus, Phil Albright established providing $25,000 if $25,000 were raised for the Amler Arboretum in 2018. The campus community and supporters raised nearly $30,000 in half the time.

Dr. Wanda Lewis-Campbell to retire after 22 years of dedicated service

For more than two decades, from planning Broadway trips, cruises and spring festivals to advising student groups, teaching emerging leaders and providing a safe haven for students to share their grievances and concerns, Dr. Wanda Lewis-Cambell has made things happen at Temple University Ambler.

The front entrance to The Ambler Campus of Temple University

On June 18, Temple Ambler celebrated its diamond anniversary in the Women’s National Farm and Garden Visitor’s Center! The event included a lot of fascinating history and a few words from alumni who were present when the Pennsylvania School of Horticulture for Women become the Ambler Campus of Temple University.

University Trustees explore future research partnerships at Temple Ambler

Temple’s Board of Trustees and President Richard Englert recently headed out of the city for a different view of the University at the Temple Ambler Campus. While completing the business of the day for their final meeting of the school year, the trustees had the opportunity to explore a bit of the history, current projects, unique research and diverse environments and gardens that comprise the campus.

Children enjoy a wide variety of experiences at Temple University Ambler Summer Education Camps

Temple University Ambler is planning dozens of new and returning Summer Education Camp programs, which provide kids and teens with a broad range of opportunities, from building and programming robots to video game design and forensic science.

Hundreds of walkers take part in the March of Dimes March for Babies at Temple University Ambler each year.

One of the largest charitable endeavors held on campus is the March of Dimes March for Babies. For 20 consecutive years, Temple University Ambler has served as the Eastern Montgomery County March of Dimes March for Babies host.

Michael Senica: In the Air, Around the Track and On the Mat

Professional pilot. Professional NASCAR driver. Professional wrestler. Next stop, attorney at law. Having led an exceedingly colorful and eclectic life, Senica, 51, of Warrington, opted to return to the classroom with the goal of becoming an advocate for others. It’s how he discovered Temple’s Adult and Organizational Development (AOD) program and why he has decided his next profession will be inside a courtroom.  

David Heckman: Designing Places for People

David Heckman’s draw toward a career in Landscape Architecture was, fittingly, quite natural. He discovered landscape architecture at Temple, embracing every opportunity to combine scientific analysis with creativity and art.

Chiquitta Evans: From Combat to the Classroom

Chiquitta Evans devoted 16 years of her life to military service. In August, she will graduate from Temple with a degree in Human Resource Management.

Students have a fun, educational day at Temple University Ambler EarthFest 2018.

Chill winds didn’t cool the enthusiasm of the 5,000 students, teachers, parents and chaperones that spent April 20 celebrating the Earth at Temple University Ambler.