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The Office of Student Life provides programs and services designed to enhance the academic experience at Ambler through out-of-the-classroom opportunities to help students grow socially, physically, spiritually and psychologically.

These educationally purposeful organizations, programs, services and resources are sure to have a positive impact on your personal development. They also serve as a mechanism to build and foster community on our campus and beyond.

Our students are committed to community service through endeavors ranging from fundraisers and book drives to special events for a variety of charitable organizations. The Office of Student Life is equally committed to community engagement through a wide variety of cultural and entertainment events that are always open to the public.

Student Life’s collective goal is to encourage students to get involved in department-coordinated activities on campus which will enhance their classroom learning and help them succeed in their personal and professional lives.

Involve. Enhance. Succeed.

Student Organizations at Temple Ambler

Add a little flavor to your résumé. Join a professional or social organization and gain valuable leadership experience! Meet and network with other students, experience the fun and excitement of organizing fundraisers and sponsoring events and take advantage of every opportunity to become involved in campus life. Learn more about Student Organizations at Temple Ambler.

Student Programs and Events

The Office of Student Life offers a variety of fun events for students at the Ambler Campus. Learn more about Student Life Events.

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Meet the Assistant Director

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