Esports and Gaming Center at Temple Ambler

Temple University Ambler is leveling up!

While esports has been part of the Ambler Campus offerings for a few years, Temple Ambler will soon launch a space solely dedicated to gaming for both internal and external audiences for the first time, according to Antony DiBruno, Manager of External Events and Special Projects, and Eric Semborski, Manager of Internal Events and Special Projects.

"Originally we had our esports equipment in the campus Technology Center, located in the Ambler Learning Center. We realized that when the Tech Center and the Ambler Library were going to become the Information Commons, esports didn't really fit into the vision for that space," said DiBruno. "The interest in having a space for gaming certainly remained, and in fact reached well beyond the campus community. This was an opportunity to share the campus' gaming technology in different ways than we previously could."

According to Semborski, the new Esports and Gaming Center at Temple Ambler, which is expected to open during the spring 2024 semester, is located in dedicated space on the third floor of the Ambler Learning Center.

"We have 12 Alienware gaming computers with 25-inch, high-definition monitors; 12 specialized gaming chairs; and a gaming keyboard and mouse, mics and headsets for each gaming space," he said. "Additionally, we have the Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. All three consoles have four controllers each and all of the systems are set up with online and live gaming capability and access to a whole library of games through the systems' streaming services."

According to Semborski, the goal was to develop the space "so that it has the capacity for competitive esports competition while also being a welcoming space where anyone felt comfortable to come and relax for a little while between classes or for outside groups to come and hold an event or teambuilding program."

"We've taken a regular computer lab and turned it into something special, though it still has the flexibility where it could still be used as a classroom if needed. For the internal Temple audience, our goal is to increase opportunities for students," he said. "We can reach a lot of different audiences with this space. It's another feature that we can add to Temple Ambler's offerings and resources."

As the popularity of video games continues to soar, "so does the demand for unique and immersive gaming experiences," said DiBruno.

"Our overall goal is to provide a fun and safe atmosphere to external Temple customers, as well as internal Temple students and staff, to come together for recreational entertainment, competition and teambuilding activities, while playing some of the latest video and console games," he said. "We're striving to create a community atmosphere that allows gamers from all levels of experience to join together and enjoy the shared experience of playing the games they love."

With the creation of the Esports and Gaming Center, DiBruno said, "we anticipate opportunities for the space to be used by external groups and clients."

"This space will be available for everything from specialized summer camps, parties and celebrations to corporate events, teambuilding programs and retreats to intermediate units working with other educational programs or just local gamers in the area looking for a place to play as a group. As a university campus, we can do some special things that other gaming centers might not have the capacity for," he said. "You could have a watch party in our 300-seat auditorium. You could have an indoor kid and an outdoor kid, and they could both have unique experiences right on campus — we cover the scope and breadth of a variety of interest levels."

By creating an entertaining and welcoming environment, "we hope to increase engagement and provide relevant services to the University student body on the Ambler Campus," said Semborski.

"We are hoping to more actively engage with the Temple University Esports Club at Main Campus. Increasing engagement and interaction between students in turn increases the sense of community on campus and between campuses," he said. "We are planning to have the space open every weekday with free play for students. It is a reservable space for students, student organizations and departments."

Internal Temple audiences that wish to reserve the space are asked to contact Eric Semborski at External audiences should contact Antony DiBruno at

According to Semborski, Temple students have placed their own unique stamp on the Gaming Center.

"We reached out to the students at the Graphics Media Center on Main Campus — they took images of the Ambler Campus and creaed a mural that looks like an old-school videogame. It's like going through a level of Super Mario Bros. but the setting is Temple Ambler through all of the seasons, complete with the end of level flag," he said. "That's just another way this initiative is getting students directly involved. I think it definitely provides an opportunity for students who might not otherwise get involved in student life to connect with other students, the campus and University as a whole."