News and Announcements

Nicole Westrick: A Holistic Approach to Continuing Education

Nicole Westrick was recently honored with the Alexander Charters Emerging Professional Continuing Educator Award at the University Professional and Continuing Education Association’s (UPCEA) Mid-Atlantic Region Conference.

Vivien Wise: Exploring Relationships and Trees Through Art

Vivien Wise’s latest art project — The Tree Connection — is bringing her to Temple University Ambler for a decidedly visual, and arboreal, aspect to an installation exploring how people are social, how they are romantic, and how that might relate to trees.

Elizabeth Shepard-Rabadam: A 360-degree View of Higher Education

The Ambler Campus Office of the Executive Director is pleased to announce the appointment of Elizabeth Shepard-Rabadam to the position of Associate Director for Temple University Ambler.

Jeffrey Lapp: The Care and Feeding of Carnivores

Jeffrey Lapp's (Wetlands Branch Chief for the EPA Region III) interest in wetland plants steers decidedly off the beaten path toward plants that have a very specific way to get the nutrients they need to survive — they “eat” meat.

Temple Invites Visitors to Reset Your Tack at the Philadelphia Flower Show

At the 2020 Philadelphia Flower Show, Temple University Landscape Architecture and Horticulture students and faculty are inviting visitors to “start the evolution at home and reset your tack.”  Temple’s exhibit, “Course of Action: A Radical Tack for Suburban Tracts,” will portray an “ungardened” suburban landscape that attracts wildlife, embraces chance, cultivates resilience through diversity, and appreciates restraint and the viability of repurposed building materials, said Kuper.

Student have fun during Week of Welcome at Temple Ambler!

Temple University Ambler has planned welcome events for students to help them start the year off right by meeting new friends, having fun and acclimating to their new environment.

Elizabeth Hall: The First Horticulture Therapist was a Woman

Elizabeth Hall, a 1924 graduate of the Pennsylvania School of Horticulture for Women (PSHW), which became Temple University Ambler in 1958, went on to become a world-respected librarian for the New York Botanical Garden. Her first position after graduating, however, was as a Horticulture Therapist.

Preventing Bird Collisions: What You Can Do at Home

The Audubon Society has made recommendations and provides guidelines for what you can do to your windows to help prevent bird collisions. You can place curtains or blinds in the windows and close them whenever possible, fasten screens to the outside of the window, affix decals to the outside of windows (no, not a hawk or owl silhouette, those will not work), or install a specific bird-strike window treatment.

Collin Wood appointed Associate Director for Operations

Temple Ambler has become such an important part of Collin Wood's life that it was only natural to seek a way to expand his support and advocacy for the campus and the unique role it plays within Temple University. As Temple Ambler’s new Associate Director for Operations, he’ll certainly have that opportunity.

Temple University Ambler students, faculty create Pop Up Park in Doylestown

A collaboration between the Temple University Department of Landscape Architecture and Horticulture, the volunteer Park(ing) Day team, residents and civic organizations transformed the corner of Hamilton and West State streets in Doylestown Borough) into a greener, people-friendly pocket park in heart of town.