There is a reason that the Ambler Arboretum is known at Temple’s living laboratory. It is a wonderful place for hands-on learning not only for our students, but for the public as well!

Join us as the Ambler Arboretum offers numerous non-credit courses throughout the spring and summer semesters. All courses are open for registration now!

Herbaceous Plant Identification  
March 29 and April 1 and 5

Learn how to identify many types of cool weather annuals, spring-flowering perennials, bulbs and wildflowers. Explore what types of herbaceous plants might best work in your home garden and landscape. Care and proper culture will be discussed. Plants native to our area will be noted. Register or learn more.

Woody Plant Identification
April 12, 19, 22 and 26

Study the variety of trees, shrubs, and vines that form the foundation of our natural and designed landscapes. Learn how to identify the many different types and how each is best used in the landscape. Find out how to best maintain them to prevent pests, diseases, and other problems. Register or learn more.

Yoga in the Gardens
Mondays, April 17 to May 22

Join us in the Ambler Arboretum to welcome the spring flowers and spring weather. Breathe in the fresh air while being immersed in the sounds, sights, and smells of nature. The sessions will be held rain or shine — indoor space will be used in case of inclement weather. Dress comfortably, wear layers, bring your yoga mat, props, and water bottle. From beginners to advanced, all levels are welcome. Register and learn more.

Residential Landscape Design 
May 17, 20, 24, and 31 and June 3

This course will provide you with an introduction to the principles and processes of landscape design. Now that you’ve analyzed your garden and landscape and have learned about the various types of herbaceous and woody plants, learn how to combine flowers, trees, shrubs, and groundcovers into an attractive landscape. Register or learn more.

Floral Design I 
We will be offering this course again in Summer / Fall 2023

Develop the basic skills of designing with flowers and foliage — fresh, dried, and silk. Learn how to make flowers last longer and become proficient in selecting colors and flower types to coordinate with living spaces and entertainment needs. Register and learn more.

Introduction to Beekeeping
We will be offering this course again in Summer / Fall 2023

This course will inform potential beekeepers of the joys and responsibilities of successful beekeeping. During the first weekend, you’ll learn about apiary location requirements, how to obtain bees, essential equipment as well as important aspects of honeybee biology. We will practice handling bees using bees located at Temple Ambler. Register or learn more.

Analyze Your Garden and Landscape  
We will be offering this course again in Summer / Fall 2023

You drive by that property again and say, "I wish my home looked like that!" So where do you start? First you must be able to analyze your property. This course will enable you to create a base plan of your property's existing elements and how to evaluate your property's environmental conditions in order to ensure the success of your new design. Register or learn more

Floral Design II
We will be offering this course again in Summer / Fall 2023

Learn more advanced techniques for creating lovely floral arrangements, including combining fruits and vegetables with flowers, designing in glass, and other current styles. You will work with a wonderful assortment of seasonal flowers to create beautiful arrangements to take home. Register and learn more.

The Business Side of Floral Arranging 
We will be offering this course again in Summer / Fall 2023

Now that you’ve taken hands-on floral arranging courses and have developed the skills in creating and designing arrangements, are you considering taking it one step further? This course introduces students to the business side of floral design. Receive an overview of what it’s like to own a retail florist shop. Topics include starting the business, wire services, the point of sale (POS) system, accounting, human resources, managing the busy seasons, managing the slow season, merchandising, and pricing goods to make a profit. Register and learn more.

Floral Arranging of Yesterday for Today
We will be offering this course again in Summer / Fall 2023

Responding to the classical influences and updating the old masters’ way with flowers is a particular joy in the spring. Learn the distinctive patterns of flower placement, color harmonies, containers, and flower types for the pleasant outcome of the Dutch and Flemish, French, and Victorian styles of European flower arranging. We will also apply the influences of the Williamsburg and Colonial styles of the New World. Register and learn more