Graduating Senior Juliana Capece

If you've visited Temple University Ambler's YouTube channel or social media pages in recent years, you already know the dedicated work of Juliana Capece

Capece, who will complete her degree in Film and Media Arts from Temple's School of Theater, Film and Media Arts in May, is Temple Ambler's visual storyteller, sharing the accomplishments, creativity, research acumen and uniqueness of the campus' people, places, programs and experiences. In nearly three years she has become an essential part of the diverse tapestry that makes up the Temple Ambler community.

"It has been a terrific experience getting to know Temple Ambler so well — it's such a beautiful campus. Meeting so many different types of students, conducting all of those interviews — learning about research, covering special events, profiling students and faculty — has been incredible," said Capece. "People recognize me now on campus; other job opportunities at the University have come out of my internship at Temple Ambler. Having a solid portfolio of videos and knowing I helped produce something for the entire campus is gratifying."

Capece's videos have spanned an eclectic array of topics, from Temple Ambler's pioneering women, weird plants, building a vine garden, and how trees respond to tornado stress to profiling our Temple Ambler Field Station Research Interns, rebuilding the Bright Pavilions, and chronicling green careers. Nearly 150 videos later she is still hard at work sharing the sights, sounds and experiences that make Temple Ambler unique.

"I think one of my favorite video projects was when I first went to the Philadelphia Flower Show when it was at FDR Park. It had been my first time going to the Flower Show and so much care had been put into the exhibit by the Ambler Arboretum student gardeners that created it," she said. "It was very emotional and told a compelling story. I thought it was a very special moment — my mom even came along with me to experience it."

You can view Capece's video about the 2022 exhibit, Queer Roots of Nature: A Natural History of LGBTQ Botany, here.

According to Capece, her love of film and being behind the camera in particular can be traced back to an important choice made while she was in the ninth grade.

"I had an open period, so the question was, was I going to take a film class or a cooking class. I loved movies, so the film class won out — I had no idea how to even use a camera then," she said. "I didn't know what my passion was at that point, but I discovered I really loved film and I particularly loved filming things."

Her niche found, Capece said she worked diligently to improve her skills before entering college.

"I knew there was no way I wanted to stop at that point, which I why I chose film as my major at Temple — I wanted to make a career out of it. I knew I wanted to go somewhere that was close to home and Temple's film program is amazing," she said. "I decided to apply to become the student videographer at Temple Ambler because I knew I wanted to get a job in college, but I wanted it to be meaningful. I wanted it to be something where I could improve my craft."

Initially thinking the job description was for a full-time position, "I was convinced I was never going to get the job."

"Fortunately, it was an internship designed for students. I had an interview, got the job and loved it right from the start because I've been able to use everything I've learned in school, improve my skills, and represent my university," she said. "Right now, my concentration is cinematography. I definitely want to work with cameras, lighting and videography. I also really like video editing. I get to put a lot of those skills to good use as Temple Ambler's videographer."

During her time at Temple, Capece had also had other opportunities to apply what she has learned in the classroom.  

"Last summer I was a studio production intern at QVC. I got to basically help work the show, which was a great hands-on opportunity. I also do freelance work as a social media editor for a marketing company," she said. "You can major in film and you can never touch a camera in your life but if you are into cinematography and videography, it's really good to get out there and just produce work."

Capece's proudest accomplishment at Temple, she said, is also her most recent.

"I completed a thesis film where I was the director of photography. That was the largest production I've ever been on, and we were able to self-fund it — it felt like a true accomplishment to complete it all on our own," she said. "Just producing that boy of work, I think it's the best thing I've ever filmed. It's about this girl named Cherry, she's a 20-something year old girl. She goes on this speed dating event. She's by herself and stuck with all of these crazy guys. It's essentially a funny little story about how she goes through her night meeting all of these crazy people until, maybe, the right one comes along."

As Temple Ambler's student videographer, every week has offered some new experience, Capece said.

"I've had to go out, film videos, and interview students, faculty and researchers. It's been a great experience because it has helped me practically apply my skills," she said. "It's also helped me with my interviewing skills too. I may have started not really knowing how to interview someone, but now it's something I do on a regular basis."

Degree nearly in hand, Capece said she will be continuing on at QVC full-time as a production coordinator.

"My goal is to continue to build up my career there and work in the television industry," she said. "My Temple experience has been great. I love the film program that I've been in — I've made so many new friends. I love working at Temple Ambler, meeting so many people and sharing their stories."

For incoming Temple students, "my advice would be definitely don't be afraid to talk to people," Capece said.

"It can be scary when you get to college, and you don't really know anyone but definitely put yourself out there. Make sure you tune into the things that you really like to do," she said. "Pursue the career that is right for you, something that you know you will love doing for the rest of your life. Get to know every aspect of the University while you are here because it has so much to offer."