Meg Sokolowski
James F. Duffy

It is with mixed emotions that we share that Meg (Cranney) Sokolowski, Assistant Director for Student and Campus Life, will be departing Temple University Ambler to pursue new professional opportunities as the Associate Director of Protocol and Special Events at Thomas Jefferson University.

"While we are very sorry to see Meg go, we are also very excited for her and this new opportunity to continue supporting students in a different way," said Tara Stasik, Director of Academic and Student Services. "Since she joined the Academic and Student Services team in 2018, Meg has been an essential guiding light for so many of our students, and also a leader in the planning and implementation of several events, including our first University College Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) graduation ceremony this past year. From traditional-age students to adult learners, Meg has been there for each and every one of them."

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown protocols, Sokolowski ensured that students continued to have ways to connect with each other and the campus. She did so once again after the tornado that struck campus in September 2021.

"Throughout everything, Meg always kept the needs of the students front and center. She is the ultimate student advocate," Stasik said. "Virtual programming is challenging, but Meg ensured that our students were able to socialize, have fun and continue to feel like the most important part of the campus community."

When Sokolowski first began her time at Temple, she said working to help students become leaders had been a goal since she was a college student herself.

"I was an orientation leader during my junior and senior year while I was working on my degree. It truly opened my eyes to student life and becoming involved on campus in general — I knew then it was the right path for me.," she said. "The most essential part of the job is building relationships with the students — students are going to get out of their college experience what they put into it. I've always wanted our students to have the opportunity to learn about and understand their strengths as leaders, to improve upon them and work collaboratively with other students who may have different strengths."

A student's time in higher education, Sokolowski said, "is the perfect opportunity for them to try new things."

"College is all about new experiences. What I hope our students are able to do when they graduate is talk about how their experiences changed them in positive ways; that they learned from all of their experiences inside and outside of the classroom," she said. "I want them to have a terrific experience and I want to help our students grow as people — academically, socially and professionally."

Meg is a "perpetual optimist, ultimate team player and collaborator" who has made all of her decisions with the students in mind. She has been a vital part of the Temple Ambler community and she will be missed! Students, staff and faculty are invited to stop by the Welcome Center off of the Ambler Learning Center Lobby on Wednesday, November 16 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. to thank Meg for her service to Temple Ambler and wish her all the best in her new endeavor at Thomas Jefferson University.